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Das ist nur eine witzig sein wollende Umschreibung dafür, dass diese Person gemeint hat, dein Deutsch sei nicht so gut, dir das aber so direkt nicht sagen wollte. "Deutsch" kann man natürlich nicht kaufen, das soll der Humor daran sein.

Its a joke for People wo don't speak German very well. It Means: Go to the Supermarket and buy German Language-abilitys.

(ITS A JOKE) Sry for my Bad english




-language ability



Oh gott ich finde das so schwach wenn leute solche sprüche ablassen.... Wie ob sie perfekt eine fremdsprache sprechen könnten

Englisch Comment: Modern Technology. Hilfe!


da ich morgen ein Englisch-Test schreibe über ein Comment zum Thema: "Modern Technology" ich habe schon ein Muster Text geschrieben und wollte euch fragen, ob das richtig ist, gerne könnt ihr mich auf Rechtschreibfehler hinweisen, oder auch kürzen, falls es zu lang ist (mind. 100 Wörter) Der Text ist im einfachen Englisch geschrieben, da ich nicht ganz fortgeschritten bin.

Is the modern technology a good thing?

Is the modern technology a good thing? This isn't an easy question to answer On the one hand I think the Internet makes many something easier for example you don't have to go to a shop to buy a book but you can order this on the Internet. In addition you don't have to search in the lexicon to find information because can find it on a "online lexicon" like "wikipedia.com". You also can earn money on the Internet for example you can upload a video on youtube to put adverts on it. On the other hand you can get some viruses in emails. Don't open emails if you don't know the email address. It can be a virus who makes your computer broken. On the Internet you can get bullied by people who don't like you. They can write false informations of you. In addition some students don't have time to learn for school because they spend too much time on the Internet.

In my opinion I think the modern technology are a good thing because it makes many things possible. The Internet can give you a answer of your question and you can connect to everyone on the Earth. But you must be careful what you are writing on the Internet about you. Everything you have written on the Internet about you can't be deleted, mostly.

Würde mich auf eure Antworten und Berichtigungen freuen!

Lg André

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Kann jemand diesen Englisch Text korrigieren? :/ Rechtschreibung egal :)

I'd like to be a childcare assistant, because I love working with children. I'm a friendly and patient Person, and I like working in a team. I'm creative and I have a lots of ideas, because I think it's important to entertain the children. I understand Children and I'm a good listener and I have a nice turn of Phrase. I often do babysitting, for example I often look after my Cousins. They're four and six years old. I'm a reliable and energetic Person, and I'm funny. I'm punctual and flexible too, and that is important for the job as a childcare assistant. I would like to do this job, because it's exciting to watch somebody grow. I'd really like to do this job, because I think I would be good at it.

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Englisch, Argumentation, Verbessern?

Hallo, ich schreibe morgen eine Arbeit und habe schon ein paar Argumentationen geschrieben. Heute hat meine Lehrerin einen Hinweis auf das Thema gegeben: Volunteer work. Ich habe dann einfach mal eine Argumentation dazu geschrieben. Wahrscheinlich kommt nicht nur Volunteer work dran, aber es wäre toll, wenn ich schon eine gute Grundlage habe. Ich weiß das ich bestimmt ein paar Grammatische Fehler habe.

Volunteer work is a important for the poor, disadvantaged groups or teenagers (youth centre) or generel the society, but also people don't like this kind of work, why? Is volunteer work useful? Mostly volunteer work deal with people, for example you ask for donation, like money, eat or clothes. Subsequently people don't like this question, because they think its annoying or maybe the organisation is not serious. In the past some organisations has use the money for his own and now people aren't sure, if the organisation approved or serious. Thats why you can feel depressed, because you do this at your free time and you are not paid for your work. On the one hand, people don't like your work, but on the other hand you can help the society, also when some people don't honor your work, but it gives also people, who think thats a good job and honourable. Furthermore you can feel good by your own and you can say, you help people who needs help and don't see away (nicht weg sehen?). Additionally you can gain experience for a job or the life. In a CV it looks very good. So also your character can be better, for example you know the real problems, like no food or money to live. Then you see, thats your problems are nothing in comparison with this problems. Finally in my opinion volunteer work is important and I do this also and when somebody say something bad about your work. Ignor this! There more people who like it and especially the people who need your work.

Ich würde mich auf eine Antwort freuen und ich weiß eure Mühe zu schätzen, wenn ihr es korrigiert und mir vielleicht ein paar Tipps geben könnt. Ich hoffe es antwortet noch jemand heute. Aber trotzdem danke!

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Kann mir jemand die Bedeutung von Message man (Twenty one Pilots) erklären?

The loser hides behind A mask of my disguise And who I am today Is worse than other times You don't know what I've done I'm wanted and on the run I'm wanted and on the run So I'm taking this moment to live in the future

Release me from the present I'm obsessing, all these questions Why I'm in denial That they tried this suicidal session Please use discretion When you're messing with the message man These lyrics aren't for everyone Only few understand

Hope you're dead 'cause how could you sleep at a time like this? People they rhyme like this, we're all impressed by this They rip it, flip it but these are just triplets Wrote this in three minutes, three words to a line It's just poetry divided, I'm the kind of guy Who takes every moment, he knows he can fight it And music to use it, for others to use it You're dead 'cause how could you sleep at a time like this?

Life is up here but you comment below When the comments will always become common motivation To promote you choose next episode So your brain knows to keep going even though hope Is far from this moment but you would not know it Gets better when morning finally rears its head Together we'll lose this, remember the future Remember that morning is when night is dead

Das wäre so der Text. Das einzelne verstehe ich ja, aber die Bedeutung des Liedes kann ich nicht erkennen. Nur wenige verstehen den wirklichen Text des Liedes - Tyler Joseph, ich bin wohl keine davon.

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Was heißt dieser Songtext auf Deutsch? (Englisch)

Unexpected phenomenon, seems like you turned into an invisible man Catch on to all these years Not this, not that, tell us your speculation on the cause Just one memory was bad already, wasn't it? And nothing can be done, nothing can be done, the defence instinct is too strong Leave behind your awkward morals Those things, these things are evil deep-rooted delusions in a vivid shape

I didn't want to hear all that gossip Or have that kiss scene etched into my mind Reset brings another conversation Ah, my head hurts so much!

All the hate, the hate, the hate is on me Do you see? Runpappa That indifference you feign with this face Leaning on a tilted surface is only wished for Optimistic, optimistic, pessimistic, optimistic, pessimistic, optimistic view But I'm still invisible Not being seen by eyes is wrong Leave behind the doubtful words With no meaning at all

Disorder and contact, conductor, show me the way Selkirk barrier's sophisticated situation Not this, not that, this thing, that thing, that's too much Complaining is exclusive to emotions Seems like my one-way traffic friend is at point-blank Extremely dangerous nightlife Of the world's best harmlessness, and yet in arrogant rubbish is where he got used to live

Here I don't even exist Nobody seems to notice me at all From the start the unexistant way Was at least reasonable!

All the hate, the hate, the hate is on me Do you remember? Runpappa That indifference you feign with this face You won't give up your pleasant life, right? Optimistic, optimistic, pessimistic, optimistic, pessimistic, optimistic view But I'm still invisible Biting nails is wrong Now stop it before It's too late

Before the peaceful death Hoarse old father smiled Is that, is that the truth? Because the lonely don't smile

All the hate, the hate, the hate is on me Break it all, runpappa The ungettable joke Secretly insulting thank you

All the hate, the hate, the hate is on me Please don't forget me I'm sorry, and yet it's fine to let me sit on the edge At the intersection in the centre of the crowd rushes the salaryman He is about to pass me right now He certainly wanted to avoid me Right now I'm here

Bitte kein Google Übersetzer! Bein dem habe ich schon geschaut! Auch bei vielen anderen Übersetzer-Seiten, aber i-wie kommt nie was anständiges raus... :(

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Question tag should?

Hallo, Muss es bei einem Satz mit should shouldn't oder don't Heißen? Also z.B. You should watch this video, shouldn't you? Oder you should watch this video, don't you?

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