Wann verwende ich im englischen do bzw does?

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also bei fragen wenn es um ein verb geht, das nicht gerade be oder have oder irgend ein modalverb ist, dann nimmt du immer does he want oder auch do you want aber bei z.b. be kannst du sagen is he nice oder are they nice oder so was ansonsten nimmst auch im plural do they want

Du fragst "what does my brother want?"

Ich habe gute Erfahrungen damit gemacht, mir nicht alle möglichen Regeln zu merken, sondern statt dessen Sätze auswendig zu lernen, von denen ich weiß, dass sie richtig sind. Diese Sätze können z.B. aus eurem Englischbuch sein.

Also hier in diesem Beispiel: "What does my brother want?" und die Antwort darauf, "My brother wants some candies."

Gute Antwort, aber es heißt 'candy', nicht candies...


Bei he, she, it macht man ja immer ein 's' hinter ddas Verb, ja? Und genau das gleiche passiert auch beim do. Nur wird dann hald ein does daraus

In dem BSP würde ich "what does..." nehmen

Wieso schreibt man diesen Satz mit "do" obwohl ein "he" vorkommt?

What should he do? Heißt es nicht "What should he does?"

Mit Erklärung wenns geht.

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Austauschjahr: Brief an Gasteltern

Hallo liebe Com!

Ich werde ein Jahr in den USA verbringen und muss einen Brief an meine zukünftigen Gasteltern schreiben, was ich auch schon getan habe.Ist der Brief so ok? Gibt es etwas, dass man verbessern könnte/sollte?

Danke im Vorraus!Brief

Dear host family,

First of all I want to thank you that you chose me and I’m very happy that you give me the opportunity to spend one year in the US with you. Now I’d like to introduce myself.

My name is XXXXXX and I was born on May 13th 1998. I’m living in Hanover (525.000 inhabitants) in Germany with my family, that means my parents and my brother Yannick, who is 22 years old and studies in another city, so he is only in his university vacations at home. My mother Uta is 48 years old. She works as an optician and sings in a choir once a week. My father Henning is a key-account-manager. He’s 53 years old and loves rock music.

My family does a lot of sports. My parents play tennis once a week, my brother plays soccer in his university and I play soccer and tennis since I have been six years old , but 2 years ago I quitted playing soccer, because it didn’t make fun anymore and I didn’t have enough time. I still play tennis, which makes a lot of fun and I hope I can continue playing in the US, maybe at my future high school.

One of my favorite hobbies is listening to music. I prefer Rap, Hip-Hop and Pop and I listen to music everyday and I like to listen to music when I’m at home or together with friends.

I think I’m also always well organized, that means I clan my room about once a week and sometimes when I think it’s too messy. The first thing I do when I come home is making my homework. I never had any problems in school and I was always a good student. My secondary language is French, which is with sports, english and maths one of my favorite subjects.

I’m interested to spend a year on the US since my brother came back from his exchange in 2008 and told me how great it was, what he did and that he found a lot of new friends in the US. I’m a member of the YMCA since a few years and I take part at camps every year. I already took part at international camps, where guests from all over the world come to Germany to live with us for 2 weeks. There I met a lot of guys from the US, who told me what’s different in the US and what I have to see when I’m there and that increased my interest.

Now I have the opportunity to live in the US for one year and I want to thank you again for making my dream real. Although I’ll miss my family and my friends when I’m there I really look forward to it.

I can’t wait to see you!

Many Greetings,XXXXX

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das lied aus der VW pro7werbung?

was is der song aus der neuen volskwagen webung er gehet etwa so"i dont know what to do my heart wants you,my hearts wants you" ?

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Sind die Zeiten so korrekt? ( Englisch / the apple tree / on the beach)

Hallo, Wäre super, wenn da jemand drüberlesen und die Zeiten (und auch alles andere) verbessern könnte. Komme da immer durcheinander. Es geht um die Bücher On the Beach und The apple tree.

Ich schreibe die fragen mal mit auf:

1. At the beginning at the novel, Moira Davidson drinks a lot of alcohol and is a real party girl, but she changes during the novel. How does he change and why does she change? = Moira Davidson changes her life during the novel because she gets to know Dwight Towers. She likes him very much. I think she wants to change her life for him and maybe she thinks Dwight will marry her if she stops drinking alcohol. Furthermore she understands that life is too short and she has to change her life before she will die of the radiation.

2. Dwight Towers spends a lot of his time with Moira, but he does not take her with him when he sails out to sink his submarine at the end of the story. Why does he not take her with him? = Dwight Towers is of the opinion, that everybody must die in their own way. He is a Navy Commander and wants to die in his submarine with his crew. Another reason why he doesn't take Moira with him is the admiration for his dead wife. I guess he thinks that i will be wrong to die in the arms of another woman.

3. Mary makes plans for her garden and they talk to each other as though life is going on. Why do they behave like that? Give reasons. = I guess they behave like that because it is hard to accept that they will die. Mary Holmes finds it difficult to know that her little daughter Jennifer maybe dies before her. In her despair she tries to ignore the reality and tries to enjoy the last days with her family.

4. Have you got an ambition that you would like to fulfil? What is it? Give reasons. = Of course I have an ambition that I would like to fulfil. There are two big dreams which I never lose sight of. One of them is to become a doctor for human medicine. I wants to study it for more than ten years and I will do everything to let it come true. I know the study is very hard and that I must have a good average to authorize for the study but it is my dream job. I think it is an indescribable feeling to help people and make them healthy and happy.

My second dream is to own a horse. I ride since I was six years old and I am of the opinion that horses are the most beautiful animals in this world. They have such an elegance and their are like friends to me. But horses are so expensive and they take so much of your time. At first I want to have a good job and then I would like to buy a Friesian horse. I am sure that I will own a horse one day.

Part 2: 1. There are two apple trees in the story. Which characters do you think they represent? Give reasons. = The two apple trees stand for two women in the protagonist's life. The first one represents his wife Midge and the second one rep

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Wie übersetze ich das ins Englische? XXX?

Hallo Mädchen, ich mache gerade meine Hausaufgaben und es ist so langweilig und was machst du?

Hello girl, I make my homeworks and it's so boring and what are you doing?

Hello girl, I'm doing my homerworks and it's so boring and what are you doing?

Das wären meine Übersetzungen, wären beide oder zumindest eine korrekt?

Wann verwende ich make und wann verwende ich do? Wenn ich das "gerade" nicht im Satz hätte, würde ich do statt doing schreiben, oder?

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