"Shakespearean Sonnets" - Wie strukturiere ich die Analyse

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nun, alle im Vorabi (L-Kurs) stehen bei mir unter besonderem Schutz,

ihr habt im Moment genug um die Ohren.

Ansonsten verweise ich auf den Kommentar von earnest.

So, hoffe dies hilft dir:


Liebe Grüße


Sonnet 1* - From fairest creatures we desire increase

From fairest creatures we desire increase, 

That thereby beauty's rose might never die, 

But as the riper should by time decease,   ...


The first seventeen sonnets are addressed to the poet's breathtaking friend, whose identity is unknown, assuming he existed at all. The poet's focus in these sonnets is to persuade his friend to start a family, so that his beauty can live on through his children.

From fairest creatures (1): From all beautiful creatures.

we desire increase (1): we want offspring.

riper (3): more ripe.

contracted to (5): bound only to.

Feed'st thy light's...fuel (6): Feed your eyes (light's flame) with only the sight of yourself - i.e., you are self-consumed.

only (10): chief.

gaudy (10): showy (not used in the modern pejorative sense); from Middle English gaude, a yellowish green color or pigment.

niggarding (12): hoarding.


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