Englisch LK Klausur Analyse schreiben!?

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How to approach an unknown non-fictional text

(= is based on facts, real events and / or people)

1.What is the text about?

2.Divide the text into sections / paragraphs / sense units.

3.Outline the theme of the text in key words.

4.What is the author´s intention?

5.What is the author´s attitude towards the subject matter?

6.Ana_yse language and style of the text.

7.What audience / readers was the text written for?

8.Write a summary of the text.

= short version of the text with only its most important information;

provides reader with a clear idea of what the original text is all about, e.g. the development of the action in a fictional text or the main line of argument in a non-fictional text

a.good understanding of original text in detail.

b.underline main ideas (structure of text may help)

c.no statistics, dates, examples, quotations, stylistic means, details, your own opinion or interpretation

d.author´s point of view

e.follow the order of the original text

f.in your own words

g.in present tense

h.check a - h after writing the summary

9.What are your own reactions to the text and to the subject matter? Do you agree with the author?

10.Is the text convincing? / Was it well written?

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Useful phrases for ana_ysing texts findest du hier:

- loske.org/html/school/english/ana_ysis.pdf

- abiturerfolg.de/howtowriteatextana_ysis_elements.html

Sollte es um eine andere Textart gehen, gib bei Google - how to ana lyse … ein und folge den Links.

:-) AstridDerPu

PS: Das l in ana_yse wird leider nicht akzeptiert.


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