Aufbau einer Englisch Non Fictional Analyse? HILFE!

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How to approach an unknown non-fictional text

(=is based on facts, real events and / or people)

1.What is the text about?

2.Divide the text into sections / paragraphs / sense units.

3.Outline the theme of the text in key words.

4.What is the author´s intention?

5.What is the author´s attitude towards the subject matter?

6.Ana_yse language and style of the text.

7.What audience / readers was the text written for?

8.Write a summary of the text.

= short version of the text with only its most important information;

provides reader with a clear idea of what the original text is all about, e.g. the development of the action in a fictional text or the main line of argument in a non-fictional text

a.good understanding of original text in detail

b.underline main ideas (structure of text may help) statistics, dates, examples, quotations, stylistic means, details, your own opinion or interpretation´s point of view

e.follow the order of the original text your own words present tense

h.check a - h after writing the summary

9.What are your own reactions to the text and to the subject matter?

Do you agree with the author?

10.Is the text convincing? / Was it well written?

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