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öh ich habe das ende vergessen :D hier ist es: “Do you know where she is” I whispered to Julie. “I have no idea” Julie answered. “She’s never been late for class before.” “Maybe she isn’t at school today?” “Yes, maybe..” After school was out, we saw an ambulance standing in front of school. Julie looks at me. We both wanted to say the same word. “Miriam!” We ran to the thong (Pulk?) that had formed on the ambulance. “What happened?” Julie asked a girl. “Ob, someone has tried to kill himself. He jumped off the roof!” “A girl”, we asked. “I don’t know. But you two can ask the teacher over there”, the girl pointed at our English teacher. “Oh no, we will find it out in another way, thanks!” Julie asked me, why I didn’t want to ask our teacher. “Maybe it would attract attention when we go there now and ask what happened” “Oh you’re right. NACHHER the police SUCHT NACH BEWEISEN and at Miriam’s locker there are your FINGERABDRÜCKE!” “Correct, and afterwards they draw the wrong conclusion!” “That’s true. Let us go home and find out more tomorrow!” Next morning, the police came to our school. They went from room to room and interviewed the students. When they were in the NACHBARKLASSE, I had a very strange feeling. YES, I was really bad. And I must looked like that, too. “Karen? Is everything alright? Do you want to go outside?” “ GERNE. Can Julie come with me?” “Of course.” We went out to the schoolyard. “Karen? What’s wrong?”, Julie asked me after we had set ourselves on a bench. “Well, look. The police is here at school.” “So what?” “Someone has seen how I put the pieces of paper in Miriam’s locker. And they have found the papers. Now they’re looking for us.” “But why don’t they let us come to the Secretarial office?” “I don’t even know yet!”I said desperately. “TYPISCH DU! DU MACHST DIR VIEL ZU VIELE SORGEN! UND AU?ERDEM. The one, who writes such poems, which no man, and I mean really no man, understands, this person would kill himself soon away. Don’t you think so, too?” “You are right. Lets go to our class again.” Back in class, the policemen were gone again. One of our classmates told me that a boy jumped off the roof because he didn’t was clear with his life. “A boy? Not A Girl?” “A boy, for sure. Why?” “Not so important.” I turned to Julie. “It was a boy.” “So what?” “A BOY!” “Yes, I understand… that says that..” “Exactly. I am so relieved!” “I thought you wanted to do something like that. I didn’t want to be a spoilsport, so I didn’t say anything as it was really too much. With the signature card, for example. I thought, otherwise you find me totally uncool and boring. I’m so glad you think so as I do!” “I thought the same!” And then we fell into our arms. “Let us quickly get the list of Miriam’s locker! Otherwise it would happen in real!” So we run to Miriam’s locker, pulled it up and took the note back to us. “DAS IST JA NOCHEINMAL GUT GEGANGEN! Them Miriam is really just sick” said Julie. „I never thought that I would ever say such a thing, but I’m so glad that this boy has fallen from the roof and not Miriam! We should ENTSCHULDIGEN to her. That we are more than you owe!” I said before we left the school groungs and make us on the way to Miriam’s house.

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