Kann mir jemand für die Kolloquiumsprüfung in Bayern im Fach Englisch hilfreiche Fragen zum Üben geben?

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Hallooo, also meistens sind das ja Fragen zu einem bestimmten Themengebiet IN Indien, also Gesellschaft, Diskrepanz, Wirtschaft usw.

Aber falls es wirklich nur allgemein India ist, könnte ich mir folgende Fragestellungen vorstellen:

How is the average salary in the capital of India and what is it like to get by as a normal inhabitant?

How is the situation of the legendary Slums of India? Explain their conditions and compare them to "poor" neighbourhood of any other country!

How come that India has got the caste system for already a few decades? Put it in comparison with the political standards of Germany!

How is it like to be poor in India? Give a statement to these inequities!

In which aspects is India's vegetation and biodiversity to be distinguished from European nature?

How much time does a normal student spend with rehearsal for school? Is the education system unfair or strict?

Do you know how big India roughly is and how many inhabitants it has? Describe the gaps between the population, that would probably exist!

Since when is India independent of England and what did it take to get its freedom?

Mention a few names of important political personalities of India!

Lg ~ Kitty

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Kommentar von MrDojo
30.05.2016, 02:12

Danke für die super Antwort ;) an die Fragen kann ich mich morgen gleich mal ranmachen. Es ist genau das was ich benötigt habe. Vielen Danke :)


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