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Nevada is a state located in the West OF the United States, which MEANS/ IS LOCATED between the Sierra Nevada and the Rocky Mountains and is the 7th largest state OF THE USA. It has 5 bordering states:Arizona,California,Idaho,Oregon,Utah... It is a land FULL of flat plains and sandy (KLAR SIND WÜSTEN SANDIG, LASS WEG) deserts, but there are also green valleys and snow-capped mountains.Large parts of Nevada are military restricted areas.In southern Nevada is the Nellis Range, on the local Nevada Test Site (NTS), most American atomic bombs were tested, it is one of the largest military testing grounds in the world. Also IS in Nevada still the famous "Area 51" INCLUDED,which is an military restricted area too.The huge "Area 51" in Nevada is known as the most secret area of the United States.The NOT THE Area 51 is located north of Las Vegas. He is closely guarded, fenced, and any attempt to enter it, is punished severely. The NOT THE AREA 51 is held by many people for the center of UFO research. Some people even suspect that in AREA 51 experiments are carried out with aliens and their technology. Now I have a few facts YOU MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN: Nevada has an area of ​​ca. (GIBTS IM ENGLISCHEN CA?)286,000 square kilometers and a population of GIBTS CA?2.700.500.That are only 10 inhabitants per square kilometer and therefore IS Nevada one of the most thinly populated states in the United States. The capital is Carson City and the time zone is Pacific Time, which means when IF IT IS here in Germany 20 clock is, IT IS is there only 11am. The longest river is the River COLORADO? Colodary with 2330km and the highest mountain is the Boundary Peak which is 4000m over the sea level. Because too little grazing land, farmers can operate only livestock. It makes up only a small share of the gross national product Nevada. Much more important are the revenues from the gambling metropolis of Las Vegas, Reno and Laughlin. This NOT THIS Las Vegas, because of the many casinos known, is the largest city in Nevada with 600k population. Tourism is determined by the games, of course, especially in LASlas Vegas. This takes place mainly along the South Las Vegas Boulevard, also known as a strip . Here are a lot of casinos and hotels, the amazing architecture building are all great eye-catcher.There is for example the Palazzo, the Mirage, the Ceasar's Palace, the Bellagio, and the Venetian, and many others. Another attraction is "The Stratosphere Tower", which is 350 meters high and the A great VIEWviews, as well as the remains THE REMAINS?of many restraunts, the casinos and especially the roller coaster at the top of the tower attract visitors. There is also a "Skyjump" where you ONE FALLSfall 260 meters down. The Hoover Dam is the highest concrete dam in the Western world, which impounds Lake Mead, built in 1931 until 1936. The dam in a gorge of the Colorado River located on the border between

Von kurz kann hier keine Rede sein, zumal auch noch ein Rest folgt!

the area ist eine Sache, also nicht "he", sondern "it".

Da sich die Fehler im zweiten Teil Deines Textes häufen, vermute ich, dass der erste Teil vorwiegend NICHT von Dir selbst stammt.

Einige Korrekturen der schlimmsten Fehler:

... Pacific Time. This means that when it is 8 pm here in Germany, local time is 11.a.m.

Colorado River

... is** Boundary Peak, which is about 4,000 meters above sea level.**

Der nächste Satz über die Landwirtschaft ist unlogisch. Meinst Du dies:

As there is not much land for the cultivation of crops, agriculture depends largely on livestock farming


dam...., which backs up Lake Mead....

The dam... is located on the border of...

Statt wich lies in Zeile 1, schreib lieber is located.

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