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Book review Book Review The Book "Girl Nerd" is written by Charles Ferro. He was born in Utica,a city in upstate New York.Charles has been living in Denmark since 1977 with his wife Rita.When he was around nine years old, he asked his grandmother to take him to a movie made from an Edgar Allen Poe story. Since then he has loved stories about the supernatural. About writing Charles Ferro says,"Part of my brain is still fourteen years old and doing books for kids is an excellent means of reliving part of my life- things that did happen and lies about what never happened." Some other books written by Charles Ferro are Horror at Remsen High, Over the line, The missing Mascott, Moonstruck, Pink Paradise, Burning Love and Love Ties. It's a Mystery book and there is no unusual about the setting. The Plot was interesting, there was a part where she was handcuffed in a cellar. She rolled onto her back. By using her feet it was possible to move back and forth so the rope scraped against the floor. Judy wasn't sure if the floor was touching the part of the rope that had been cut, but she continued. After a few minutes she had to stop to catch her breath. It was a big fight to keep her eyes open. Judy no longer felt the cold, she only felt tired.

The climax was the point where Judy finds out that Ruth is not a friendly detective. Judy is the leading character because she is the one who spy on the mayor and turns into danger. Judy is the Nerd at her school. She likes to reparing things for her friends and to make gadgets to spying on people. The Book teach about some things, for example that I mustn't trust people I don't know. The Book is good entertainment and easy to read. So I understood almost everything. But there wasn't any features. I think the Book is very interesting and exciting.

ps. es enthält einige englisch fehler.....also ist es nur info


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