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Vom Fragesteller als hilfreich ausgezeichnet

For your safety, please take a moment to listen to this important message about safety on board.

In preparation for departure, fasten your seat belt by placing the metal fitting into the buckle. For your comfort and safety, adjust the strap so it fits low and tight around your hips. To release your seat belt

just lift the face plate of the buckle. As you know, turbulence is sometimes unexpected so we

advise you to keep your seat belt fastened whenever you are seated.

For takeoff and landing, please make sure that your seat back is straight up, and your tray table is closed.

Make sure that your carry-on luggage is placed underneath the seat in front of you or in an overhead compartment.

And please, exercise caution when opening overhead bins.

Though the use of cellular telephones cannot be allowed in flight you may use certain electronic devices

when advised by your crew.

For everyone's safety regulations require your compliance with all lighted signs, placards and crew member instructions.

This flight is designated non-smoking and smoking is not permitted in any area of the aircraft, including the lavatories. Tampering with, disabling or destroying a lavatory smoke detector is prohibited.

In addition, please take a look at the safety card in the seat pocket in front of you. It explains the safety features of our aircraft as well as the location and operation of the exits.

If you are seated in an exit row you may be required to assist the crew in an emergency. If you are unable

or do not want to perform these functions, please ask to be reseated.

There are four clearly marked exit doors, two at each end of the aircraft, and two window exits over each wing.

Please take this opportunity to locate the one nearest you. Each door is equipped with an evacuation slide. To exit, simply jump onto the slide and move away from the aircraft. If there is a power loss, floor level lighting will guide you to the exits, indicated by lighted exit signs.

If needed, oxygen mask will be released from overhead. To start the flow of oxygen, pull the mask towards you.

Place it over your mouth and nose and adjust the mask and slip the elastic band over your head.

To tighten the fit, just pull on the straps. You'll notice that the bag does not inflate, however, oxygen is flowing to the mask. Be sure to secure your own mask before helping others.

Under your seat you will find a life vest. To wear it, tear open the plastic package, remove the life vest and slip it over your head. Wrap the straps around your waist, snap the two ends together and tighten. Inflate the vest by pulling down on one of the red tabs. You can also manually inflate the vest by blowing into one of the red tubes. It is important that you don't inflate your vest while inside the aircraft. Your seat cushion also serves as a flotation device. Simply place your arms through the straps and hug the cushion to your chest.

On behalf of all of us, we wish you a very pleasant flight. Thank you, for choosing our airline.

Ist das nicht egal was da gesagt wird...

Nein ist es nicht.

Denn in der gesammten luftfahrtgeschichte wären tausende weniger gestorben wenn sie den sicherheitsunterweisungen der crew zugehört hätten.


In Deutschland werden sie auch auf deutsch erzählt... aber ok.

Das kann verschiedenes sein aber meistens wird angesagt dass man sich anschnalen soll,Wann man ankommt,Wen es ferspätungen giebt...


"Sollte der Druck in der Kabine sinken, fallen automatisch Sauerstoffmasken aus der Kabinendecke. Hören Sie auf zu schreien, ziehen Sie die Maske zu sich heran und platzieren Sie sie fest auf Mund und Nase. Wenn Sie mit einem kleinen Kind reisen, ziehen Sie erst Ihre eigene Maske auf, und helfen anschließend dem Kind. Wenn Sie mit zwei kleinen Kindern reisen, ist jetzt der Zeitpunkt zu entscheiden, welches Sie lieber haben."

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