Locker 160 Summary

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The short story 'Locker 160', written by Lee Busselman deals with two girls called Karen and Julie who bully their classmate Miriam by playing tricks on her. Karen gets the idea of putting a hate note in someones locker. The other gir, Julie agrees. They coose the locker of their classmate Miriam. Both of them do not like her, because in their opinion she is just different. When they want to put the note into the locker, none of the girls want to do it themselves. Karen takes the paper anyway, put it in the locker nervously and walkes away with a pleasant feeling of relief. Then they watch Miriam's reaction, her face turns red, and both of the girls have to laugh. The next days they play other tricks on her. Karen and Julie put a plastic bag of marbles in Miriam's locker, which were clattering down the hallway, they make a voodoo doll of Miriam with a hug pin it's head and they also write a petition, which declaires that Meriam is weird and hated by all of her classmates. Below this note they copy the signatures of their classmates from a real petition. For Julie and Karen all this tricks are just funny. Later while they are waiting for Miriam's raction to their last trick, in biology class, they ask themselves, why she would not come to school. At the end of the lesson they find out that Miriam tried to commit suicide, but for them this is just funny and they do not even feel guilty.

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Going Home Summary

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The short story 'Going home', written by Pete Hamill, an American journalist deals with Vingo,a former prisoner, going home and telling his story. On a bus, six young people, three boys and three girs from New York are going to Florida on holiday. Also a man, a former prisoner called Vingo sits in the same bus on his way home to Brunswick. The young people are thinking about their holiday when they notice that the man never moves and does not say anything at all. The bus stops at a restaurant and everybody gets off exept Vingo. The young people start to wonder about his behavior. When they come back, one of them, a girl, sits beside him, introduces herself and starts a small conversation. She offers him some wine, which Vingo gratefully accepts. After a while the girl goes back to the other, when the man is nearly about to fall asleep. The next morning he goes into the restaurant to the young people. He orders coffee and smokes nervously. When the girl sits with him again in the bus he starts to tell her his story. Vingo has been in prison for the last three and a half years and had been now released. He is going home, to his town called Brunswick. The girl asks him if he is marred, to which he replies that he does not know that. He wrote to his wife that it is okay for him if she does not want to stay with him togehter anymore or if she found a new man, but she never answered. He wrote to her that, if she does not think this way, she should put a yellow handkerchief on the big oak tree in their town, so that he knows that she still wants him back. He also showes the girl and the others pictures of his wife and his three children. When the bus reaches Brunswick all the young people, who got to know his story too, are shouting and screaming, because the oak tree is covered with a lot of yellow handkerchiefs. Vingo is not shouting. He gets up from his seat slowly and stars his way home.

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English Summary and short story: "The Fun They Had"

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The short story ‘The fun they had‘, written by Isaac Asimov deals with a boy and a girl, Tommy and Margie, who find out something about school in the past. On the 17th of March 2155 Tommy, a thirteen-year-old boy, finds a ‘real book‘ which has been printed on paper. He is at the house of Margie, an eleven-year-old girl. They both take a look at it togehter. The book is really old and the pages are yellow and crinky. In the year 2155 this kind of books do not exist anymore. In this time words are moving on a television screen. These televisions can contain over a million of boks. That is the reason, why Tommy thinks that they are much better. He has found the old book in the attic of his house. While reading, Tommy says that it is about school. Margie hates school and cannot understand why someone would write about it. She was having problems with learning geography from her ‘mechanical teacher‘. It was black, large and had a screen on it. It teaches the students, gives them exercises and askes them questions, all in a special room in their own house. It can also calculate the marks in no time. Margie hates the slot where she has to insert her homework or test papers. Once the geopraphy sector of her mechanical teacher was geraded too quick, so that her marks got worse and worse. The County Inspector rebuilt it after one hour. He was really nice to Margie. She hopped that her mechanical teacher would be taken away for a longer time, like Tommy’s was, because it’s history sector blanked out completly. Tommy says that the book which he has found, is not about their type of school, it is about school centuires ago. They find out that students back then had a man as a teacher who taught the girls and boys, gave them homework and asked them questions. They had a special building, all the children went to. And they learned the same things, if they were the same age. First Margie does not understand how a person could be a teacher and how the students were thaught the same thing, because her mother says that the education must fit to each child's mind, but nevertheless in her opinion these schools are funny and she wants to read more about it. Then it is time for Margie and Tommy for their school. Margie goes into the schoolroom in her house where the mechanical teacher stands. It is already on, because the lessons are always at regular hours. She was thinking about the old school system and how much fun the children must had, learning and spending time togehter.


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