The Big Race (Toby Sweet) Summary

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The stot sory 'The Big Race', written by Toby Sweet Komma deals with a swimmer in a moral dilemma. It is the day for the narrator's swimming competition. His competitor, Gordon Hayes Komma sits in the corner of the chancing room, talking to his father, while the boy watches them. Gordon's father tells his son that, if he does not win the race, he will hit him. The narrator talkes to his opponent and encorages him to make him feel better by saying that his father will not do something like that, but Gordon is confident that he will. While the main character practises for the approaching competiton with the club coach, he can not forget what the father of Gordon Hay (s-genitive) wants to do. Later Komma when he sits in his tracksuit, waiting for the race to begin, he tires to make himeself feel as comfortable as possible. When the swimming competition is just about to start Komma the narrator does some loosing exercise for preperation and tries to plan his strategy, but the only thing he can concentrate on is his opponent, he feels sorry for. During the race Komma it becomes clear kein Komma that the boy could win against Gordon kein Komma because he is half of a body ahead. But he decides to let him win to protect him from the punishment (Hier weiß man nicht mehr wer he und wer Gordon Hay ist.)

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so (Stil) he slowes down when he sees the father shouting ans raising his fist. Sortly after the race Komma the officials present the boys with their medals.

At first Komma the narrator regrets that that he let his competitor win, but when he sees the smile of the father (s-genitive), he thinks that it was worth it. (Wer ist wer?)

When Gordon walkes away from the podium Komma he behaves impolite and calles the main character pathetic and says that the boy will never win against him again, like he did before this race.

Mit he, him, his competitor, the narrator weiß man gar nicht mehr, wer wer ist? Nur ein einziges Mal taucht der Name Gordon Hayes auf. Das ist für den Leser sehr verwirrend.

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