Written discussion: ,,no driving on sunday"?

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Das sind deine Begründungen. Du musst jetzt passende Behauptungen aufstellen, die von deinen Argumenten unterstützt werden:

Z.B: We could use our energy more efficient if all people wouldnt drive on sunday because public transport can save energy. 

Im Idealfall kommt dann noch ein Beispiel dahinter.


Written Discussion "Would you like to live in Mumbai". Könnte mir jmand die Discussion verbessern?

Könntet ihr den Text verbessern ?. Ich shreib morgen ne Arbeit und ich find den nicht so gut und würde mich auf ein Feedback freuen.

**Today I am writing about the question „would you like to live in Mumbai?”. I think it´s a good question, because there a many Arguments for and against.

My first Argument for living in Mumbai is, that if you speak English, you can manage everything in the city. It is not necessary to speak the regional language. For example, …. Second argument is that India is one of few countries, where even people can have a maid or a chauffeur. You are able to afford them. In addition you can send your child to school. Because there are German, American and English schools. Another Argument for is that Mumbai is a city for shopaholics. There are designer closets much cheaper than in Germany. The qualities from the Materials are good. Tough the crime rate is high, so you can robbed in the city. The city has good transport options, for instance local trains, metro, monorail and public transport buses. No other city can sustain this much population and traffic. Nevertheless is there the rush hour. The Streets are crowded and it tooks a long time to come to the destination. My last argument is that the food in Mumbai is very delicious. You can eat in small restaurants, on the street or in very good restaurants to try out different cuisines. However you have to pay attention with food.

To sum up, the people in the city are very friendly and they will help you every time, when you need. I think I would like to live in Mumbai It´s a fascinating city with colorful festivals. **

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wie schreibe ich ein written discussion?

hallo ich wollte fragen wie man genau eine written discussion schreibt? Zum beispiel wie man anfängt? wie der entsatz sein muss und ich versteh nicht genau wie das mit den pro und contra argumenten ist,also ob die pro argumente am anfang des textes kommen oder die contra, oder ist das egal? wie man die argumente am besten vorstellt z.b. the first argument..., also das nich so viele wiederholungen dran kommen.

danke im voraus :)

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Englisch Written Discussion Verbesserungsvorschläge

Boot Camps in Germany !!!

Some people mean that the boot camps in the USA a good idea , but should be boot camps introduced in germany ?

Many people and parents says that boot camps are very good , because boot camps helps troublemakers to learn discipline. And when they learn discipline the crime rate will be go down. Second, the lessons in the school will be more quiet and than the students can better learn and have than better marks. As well the children will be trained they physical fitness and they learn to live healthy. When they used to the circumstances in boot camps, they will live in that way , when leaving the camp.

However, other people and parents are against boot camps, because they think that the children soon forget about boot camp and get in trouble again. Another argument against is the cost ! If boot camps are built in germany, the state would have many costs. The last argument is that many people say that children didnt learn discipline but should have been broken. People say that the boot camps are to hard for children and that the teachers in the camps are too strict.

After looking at both sides I think that boot camps shouldnt be built in germany. The advantages are very good, but the disadvantages are predominant.

Verbesserungsvorschläge für diesen Text wären hilfreich :)

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Text in Englisch Kontrolle Lesen!?

Hallo kann mir einer helfen und mein englischen Text verbessern ? Mein Englisch ist nicht sehr gut und ich brauche Hilfe beim schreiben und Grammatik, Satzbau... Danke für alle Antworten Hier der Text:

The lost district

Hackney is a district in London. Here live poor and rich together. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The gap between rich and poor is very big. The poor People have mostly no perspective for a better life. Once in Hackney always in hackney. It is not easy to leave the district. Most People have no Graduation or a bad Graduation. Many fall into The crime!! Hackney have a lot of unemployed persons and a small job offer. Many joung People have no Chance to a better life in The future and that has to be changed.

London should use more for Hackney. There should be more money for Education and Jobs. Everyone should have the same chances. And Can determine his own life.

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Written discussion Argumente ?

Guten Morgen ,

ich habe eine HA in englisch. Ich soll eine written discussion schreiben. Das Thema lautet should be teacher be ranked on the Internet? Z.B. wenn ihr ein Hotel sucht kommt ja eine Bewertung von anderen Menschen raus, ob es so was auch mit Lehrern geben soll.

mann muss ja immer Argumente dafür und dagegen sagen und am Ende seine Meinung

Mir fallen keine Argumente ein bitte um Hilfe

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Hilfe bei Übersetzung/ Korrektur?

Hallo, danke das sie sich Zeit nehmen. Kann mir einer meinen Text in gutes Englisch verbessern ?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

What is skynet? It's a new mass surveillance technology in China. It is a way for the government to monitor the population at any time on any day. But does total surveillance not affect the population negatively? The fact is that mass surveillance greatly influences and restricts people's privacy.

 Does surveillance have a positive impact on people's behavior? Does it make humans automatsch better? Total surveillance limits the lifestyle of the individual human. In public, man must behave as the state dictates. He has to cut back on his own needs in order to seize the same opportunities as other sections of the population. If he does not, he has to reckon with restrictions in social and professional life by the state. In Xingiung, who are pioneers of total mass surveillance, there is a social credit score that spikes people's behavior and places them in a ranking. If one does not behave according to the guidelines and rules, one falls down in the ranking. This inferior rank can cause disadvantages in job application, job, home and credit. In the long run, it does not make a person better, because as a person you need a break to have time for yourself.

Furthermore, mass surveillance affects the human psyche. Constant surveillance puts pressure on the people by the state, as it always has to behave according to the guidelines. This results in fear of failure. Other psychological consequences are behavioral disorders that build on the fear of failure. People become more unhappy and their potential for aggression increases. Man becomes a ticking time bomb to the state, because they can exercise their aggression in a dangerous way. Through constant monitoring, bad mental illnesses, such as paranoia, develop. Normally, people behave individually and do not have to pretend. Through constant surveillance, he is forced by the state to behave differently or against his will. Therefore, the individuality of individual citizens is limited. Man has a right to the free decision that is limited by it. As a result, the loyalty and acceptance of the state is called into question. So an oppositional opinion is formed against the state, which does not make the citizen a better person.

In conclusion we conclude that state mass surveillance only makes man as an individual better in a short time: In the long run, this system is in a dead end, because it has many physical and mental, as well as social negative consequences for humans in the long run.

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