Notes from the midnight driver Charakterisierung von Annette und Steven?

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ein Schelm, der denkt, du könntest das Buch womöglich gar nicht gelesen haben ;-)

Wenn doch solltest du Annette und Steven doch charakterisieren können. Wenn nicht, solltest du das nachholen, damit du im Unterricht oder auch in der Englischarbeit mitreden kannst.

Ansonsten kenne ich das so, dass man das mit eine/n Klassen-/Kurskameraden/in oder einer/m Schulfreund/in um Hilfe bittet und dann gleich mit ihr/m zusammen Hausaufgaben macht oder lernt.

Das macht doch eh mehr Spaß als alleine und dabei kann doch trotzdem jede/r ihren/seine eigene Zusammenfassung schreiben!

Oder man bildet Lerngruppen, in denen man sich gegenseitig hilft und unterstützt; z.T. auch 'fachübergreifend', so dass z.B. 'Mathe-Asse', 'Englisch-Assen' in Mathe auf die Sprünge helfen und umgekehrt.

Sollte es daran liegen, dass du nicht weißt, wie man eine Charakterisierung schreibt, dann hab ich da etwas:

aus den unendlichen Weiten des Internets für dich: 

How to write a characterization 

A characterization is a description of all the features that make up a personality and its development. One can distinguish between two main methods: 

 - direct (explicit) characterization: the reader is told about a character’s personality directly by the author, by another character or by the character him/herself 

 - indirect (implicit) characterization: the reader is expected to draw conclusions about a character by studying his/her behaviour, opinions, choice of words and/or way of talking 

Before you start working on your characterization find out how the character’s personality is revealed in the text. Possibilities: 

 - through the narrator’s description of his/her outward appearance 

 - through direct comments on his/her character 

 - by what he/she does, says or thinks 

 - by showing what other people think or say about him/her 

Then collect the facts from the text and draw your conclusions about the person’s character! Look for… 

 - name, age, figure, clothes, height, sex 

 - language, nationality, general impression 

 - social background, family, kind of friends, profession 

 - what he/she does and says 

 - his/her behaviour (e.g. toward other characters) and actions 

 - thoughts, dreams, emotions, attitudes 

 - what other people say/think about him/her 

Move from the outward features to the inward features/nature when writing your characterization. Do not forget to work with the text by using text reference and give examples for your findings, especially when you are working on the last four categories mentioned above. 

Basically present tense is used in characterizations. 


Ein weiterer guter Link:

Beispiele findest du, wenn du bei Google - how to write a characterization examples eingibst und den Links folgst, z.B. diesem hier: 

:-) AstridDerPu 

PS: Unter folgendem Link findest du eine Vokabelliste mit character traits

Charakterisierung Englisch Just Along for a Ride Fehler?!

Wäre super lieb, wenn jmnd. drüberschauen könnte und mir die Fehler nenne könnte. Bin offen für Verbesserungsvorschläge ;D

Another important character is the driver of the car. His name is Dick, he is male, a student and about 16 years old. He just got his driver license. (l.6). Either he is ruthless, mean and cruel or he doesen’t want to appear to be cowardly or lose his coolness. But maybe he isn’t very clever or anticipatory and that’s the reason why he wants to flatten somebody. After the accident he shows his feelings. “Tears were blobbing in his eyes (l. 34), so maybe he isn’t as callously as it appeared to be in the beginning. But this thought vanishes quickly. Probably he isn’t crying because he injured somebody, he’s crying because he is frightened about himself. He’s an egoist and non-considerate, he even doesn’t help the victim. In fact Dick is a hit-and-run driver (l .35) who is frightened to get nailed for man-slaughter and he doesn’t stand behind the thinks that he does. He is assertive, so they do what he wants to do, for example they don’t stop to help Ken Benjamin (l.35). In the end he has the brass to go to the protagonist and to propose him to forget everything because “No one knows”. Even in the end he hasn’t feelings of guilty an isn’t wise. To sum up I can say, that Dick isn’t a sympathic person. He hasn’t feelings of guilty or feels sorry. He just thinks about himself. But someday truth will come out.

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