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The short story “ Mr Mumsford” by Larry French is about care and respect (Gerund) other people.

The protagonist and round character, Ralph Mumsford, works as a janitor at a small southern school in America. He is a six feet tall and very black man (Komma) who is not really intelligent.

Ralph Mumsford is calling from (Zeit; Präposition; Passiv) the other teachers and students with (Präposition) the nickname 'Bibs' (Komma) which he do (Grammar) not like. So he decides to kill the principal of the school. After the principal came (Zeit) out of his office, Ralph stepped (Zeit) out in front of him and said (Zeit; Komma) “I come to kill you”(l. 15). That (Wort) shows that he is very direct and have (Grammar) no small talk with the principal. Also (kein Satzanfang) he is really nervous and afraid because he never killed (Zeit) someone (Grammar) before  “Beads of sweat...clenched the bat..”(l.13). Another import fact is that Ralph Mumsford shows interest in the students because he says “Hell, I know more'n half of their names and where they live.” (l.25) He seems to be very religious as he says in line 36 “ A Christian man ought to always eat the suppermeal with his wife.” As (Wort) he is a religious man means that he may not (Grammar) kill some (Grammar) people because in the Bible stands (Ausdruck) that you may not (Grammar) kill other people.

All things considered, Ralph Mumsford seems to be a nervous man (Komma) who is frustrated and injured (Wort) that everyone calling (Grammar) him Bibs. As he does not hide his feeling (Komma) he is revengeful.

Das Fettgedruckte muss korrigiert werden. Ich hoffe, ich habe nichts übersehen.

Für das Vokabular und die Rechtschreibung empfehle ich ein gutes (online) Wörterbuch, z.B.,

für die Grammatik und

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Inhaltlich möchte ich darauf nicht eingehen, weil ich die Story gerade nicht  vorliegen habe.

Korrekturen (vgl. Astrid):

The short story...  care and respect ... The protagonist...(Die Bezeichnung "round character" finde ich an dieser Stelle unpassend).

.. janitor at ... Was soll "very black" bedeuten?

Wortstellung, Grammatik: Mumsford is called (nicknamed) "Bibs" by the  teachers and the students, which he does not like at all.

Ralph steps (simple present!) 

he has never killed anyone before...

"in the Bible stands" ist fürchterliches DeutschlichSchülerKwänglisch. Korrektur: "it says in the Bible that.."

Weitere Fehler: siehe Astrid.

very black soll bedeuten das seine Hautfarbe schwarz ist


Kann mir jemand dieses Summary korrigieren?

The text 'A life in the day' is written by a 27 years-old man who called Skinnyman and lives in north London. It's a interview in which he describe his course of his day. First he tells that he is addicted to cannabis. He provides the dealer, who make money with the addicts. Because the addicts have'nt got money, they were get guns from dealers to get money for the drugs. His lifestyle is'nt normal, because he don't go sleep when it'snormal. It is indifferent when he sleeps and when he wakes up. Also he mentions that he gets a record deal. He loves music and mostly he writes his lyrics in the night, when he has the best ideas. Because of his record deal he has many haters in the ghetto. Most of the people are jealous because thay think that Skinnyman has money, but it isn't the truth. His life is very problematic. He has often problems with the police and other authorities. But it doesn't cares him. He thinks that only his father can tell him what to do, but he left him and his mother early. Also he explains that all his friends went to prison, so he decides to go another way. Nevertheless he have to go to prison for 2 years, but he did 12 months. The reason for that was a conflict with a memeber of London Underground staff. In conclusion he did it and now he wants to held other young kids. So all in all he loves this place, because it's his home. Therefore he doesn't want to leave.

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Kann mir jemand dieses summary von "A message from the Pig-man" korrigieren?

habe eine summary zum text a message from the pig-man von john wain geschrieben, wäre nett wenn ihr eure meinung dazu äußern würdet und ggf fehler verbessern könntet oder zumindest sagen, wo sie sind :)

The story „A Message from the Pig-man“, written by John Wain, is about a 6-year old boy named Eric, which has many questions he would like to ask but is afraid to do so.

Eric is the son of newly divorced parents. He has no siblings and his mum has a new boyfriend named Donald. He has difficulty with the new circumstances and does not understand why his father had to leave just because Donald moved in. He also does‘nt mind sharing his room in order for his dad to have the spare room. He is afraid of the pig-man and avoids him. He imagines the pig-man as a man who looks like a pig. One day, his mother asks him to catch the pig-man to bring him the scarps. First he was afraid, but when he sees the pig-man he realizes that the pig-man is a normal person and finally understands that the people call him pig-man, because he has some pigs that he looks after. Eric is no longer afraid of asking questions. When he comes home, he asks his mother why his father can‘t stay with them but his mother does‘nt answer him. Now he thinks that grown-ups are very silly and he hates them all.

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