heißt es People who or People wich?

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Ich habe in Englisch das Thema "Piercings" bekommen und wollte wissen ob dieser Text gut ist oder verbessert gehört.

Piercings and tattoos are a major topic at these days.

Some people want to show rebellion others want to imitate their friends, but people also have them, because of their religions.

But you must always think about the consequences there might be, when you make a tattoo or piercing.

You might get an infection because of an unsterile needle or a nerve could get damaged.

Piercings and tattoos aren’t bad, sometimes they can help you to strengthen your self-confidence.

Later it could be hart to find a job, because some bosses don’t like people who wear piercings or have tattoos.

I think that people can do whatever they want with their bodies, they can do whatever makes them happy.

Others should accept the choices people make in their life and no one should discriminate them, just because they look different.

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