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The Royal Flying Doctors Service or short RFDS is a health care service for people in Australia**, who** live in the Outback. It is a not- for- profit organisation which provides health care to people who have no access to a hospital or general practice because of the vast distances of the Outback. They come by plane and help (---) people**. In many cases they also provide medical advice via telephone or radio.** RFDS works 24 hours all year through. The Royal Flying Doctor Service virtually supports all low populated areas of Australia. It can reach each person of Australia within two hours. It has 53 planes at 21 bases across the country. Almost thousand people work there, a professional team. They use the latest (--) aviation, medical and communications technology and has four operational sections, South Eastern, Central, Western and Queensland. Each section has a number of bases. The Royal Flying Doctors Service has helped people for more than / over 80 years. The first flight was in 1928. They are supported by the Commonwealth, the state and territory governments. Donations are used in various ways to help the thousands of people living, working and travelling in Australia. People who are not affirmed ??? have to pay for treatment themselves. People who are affirmed ??? do not have to pay for treatment themselves.

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Englisch Referat Immigration history of australia Powerpoint?

Immigration of australia 1. Folie Structure first i want to tell how the aborigines came to Australia. after that i tell you why the great Britain took convicts to Australia. At third i tell you something about the gold rush era. My forth theme is about the immigration after ww2. last but not least i tell you something about the refugees in Australia. 2. Folie Aborines The first aborines came from a old continent called sunda with boats over the small sea 70000-30000 ago (bild ist eingeblendet mit den kontineneten) 3. Folie Convicts In great Britain all prisons where full so they took the convicts with ships to Australia. in 1787 11 ships with 1350 people arrived at Sidney cove after few years the convicts where but they can't go back because of this they remained in Sydney and build there own houses and founded a the Australian colony. from 1787 to 1868 165000 arrived in Australia 4. Folie Gold rush era The discovery of gold, beginning in 1851. from 1851-1861 the population had grown from 437,655 to 1.1 million people. the population was high enough to get independent in the year 1901. 5. Folie Immigration After ww2 After ww2 the Australian people was scared that a enemies like Germany or Japan was much stronger than them they self because of this they decided to get more inhabitants. Australia said the hole Europe that they can move to australia to live there. from 1960 the population has grown from 6 million to 24 million in 2015 6 Folie Refugees today because of the wars in Syria and Africa are millions of million people run in saves countries but countries like Australia don't want to pay for the refugees. if a boat full of refugees arrived at the Australian coast the coastguard and the military just send the refugees back.

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Ist der kleine Text unten richtig (englisch)?

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After the ending of the slavery in the US black people still hadn’t the same rights as white people and were segregated from them.

Laws kept African Americans and white Americans apart.
Moreover, there were separate waiting rooms and drinking fountains for „white“ and
„colored“ people and schools for black children and schools for white people which were almost newer, bigger, and better.

Although the Supreme Court of the United States ended school segregation in 1954, some states still didn’t obey the law.

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Englisch Referat über Royal Flying doctors

Ich weiß, dass es viel Text ist, aber ich hoffe, dass mir trotzdem jemand hilft...ich weiß nicht ob die Texte gut sind...und Fehler sind wahrscheinlich auch massenhaft drin...aber trotzdem danke...für jede Hilfe...

Way of Working:

The Rdfs owns circa 60 planes on 21 locations with more than 1000 staff. Calls are answered in the control center via telephone or radio and then taken to require a doctor for medical advice connected.The radio is 24 hours every day around the clock for emergency preparedness inement for failure of the telephone. If the RFDS flights performs is only needed a doctor on board.Many flights are accompained by nurses.Often drugs or blood products only with no medical personnel transported. Besides these, the RFDS stationed boxes with drugs on many remote locations and isolated farms


The cost of the RFDS are financed by federal grants of the government and the Norhtern Territory.The cost for the equipment and medical devices must pay the service itself. Therefore, it is very dependent on donations and other activities such as e.g. the visitors center in Alice Springs.Besides these, it generates revenue through reimbursement of costs for medical services by insurance or patient.

Service Area:

The RFDS looks after almost all low settles places in Australia. They serve a zone out of 7.15 millions sqare kiolmeters, this is two-thirds of the total area of Australia. Alone the base in Alice Springs is for a zone of 1,25 million sqare kilometers responsible, in this almost 16. 000 people live. 90 percent of them are Aboriginie. Within 2 hours the RFDS can give medical attention to any person in Australia.

Alice Springs:

The base in Alice Springs is the most famous station. The station is very popular for turists because the can visit it.

Und noch etwas zu der Geschichte wo ich mir nicht sicher bin:

1934 the Australian Aerial Medical Service was founded and opend bases in whole Australia. 1942 the name was changed in Flying doctor service and 1955 with the agreement of the English crown, in Royal Flying Doctor Service. Step by step the RFDS got their own planes and was now independent of the regional airlines, which the planes until then provided.

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Hilfe englische Facharbeit!

Hallo Leute also ich muss meine Facharbeit nächste Woche abgeben und habe meine Einleitung gemacht, aber ich weiß nicht ob die oke ist und ob ich Fehler habe.. Fände es echt seeehr nett wenn ich korrigieren würdet :D

This Facharbeit is about the book Brick Lane by Monica Ali The main topic is the role of Fate in Nazneen´s struggle for self-determination. I chose this topic, because i think Fate is a serious topic for some people and i wanted to deal closer with this. Especially the view of other cultures interested me. I want to understand why other people think the way they think. In our society there are different views of everything and Fate is a topic about what you can talk so long. I am going to specialize of the role of Fate for the eastern people,Nazneen and the other characters in the book. For this first i am going to analyse what general fate means. Then I will deal with the role of fate in the book. At the end i am going to do a comparison about the view of fate with Nazneen and me. This comparison is good because you can see the difference of the view from a girl who was born in Europe and a girl who comes to Europe with eigtheen. This aspects are important and I chose them because I think they are the main aspects to understand what fate means for Nazneen and because Fate has a significant role in this book I think you must understand the role of Fate to understand Nazneen.

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Brauche eure Hilfe in English? Es ist wichtig?

Könnt ihr mir meinen Text durchlesen und wenn ihr Fehler findet es ausbessern, da ich versuche mich zu verbessern. Ich würde mich für eure Hilfe sehr bedanken und bedanke mich im voraus . Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe

Today I will speak about young People. The important thing for the Teenagers is Clothes. For many Teenagers, it does not matter what the clothes look like, the price and the brand always important. Many teenagers say that they are too overpriced brands but still are almost all of their clothes from well-known brands.

The teenagers try to style themselves to either show-off or impress girls. They want to belong to a group to hang out with or they also make fun of the others who cannot afford expensive clothes or use their money sparingly.

Especially sports brands are very popular with boys and girls are more classic clothes. There are also some Youtubers who make videos about it and then they look at the kids and then they try to dress like their idols.

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Sind diese Englische Sätze richtig (for & since)?

1. So they‘ve lived in Australia SINCE about 7,000 years!

2. Europeans have lived in Australia SINCE 1770, when an Englishman, Captain Cook, landed at Botany Bay, near Sydney.

3. Kamala has lived in Sydney FOR 2001, when her family came here from India.

4. They have lived in Australia FOR about 15 years.


Habe ich „for“ und „since“ richtig eingesetzt?

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