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Hieri st der Link zum angeblichen Originalvideo:

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Also ich habe nur den Artikel dazu gefunden.

"Sounds very creepy, but does it exist?

No. "Dead Bart" is not real.

According to Brian Cronin, who writes frequently about pop culture legends over at Comic Book Resources, there's a very simple explanation for the "Dead Bart" story. It was crafted for a website called Creepypasta, which specializes in the telling of creepy (but fictional), urban legend-like tales that are designed to take on a life of their own online. You can read the whole "Dead Bart" entry here. It actually sounds like a fascinating piece of animation, even though it doesn't exist and the purported videos of it are simply spliced together from other Simpsons episodes.

(Via CBR)"

Lg. Yuki

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