Summary von dem Buch Lawn Boy

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hier nur was mir beim ersten flüchtigen Durchsehen aufgefallen ist:

In Lawn Boy, the main character is a normal twelve year old teenager. His parents do not have much money. On his twelfth birthday, he gets an old lawn mower that has been built by his grandad. In the beginning, our main character is not very enthusiastic about this unusual gift and he has problems to start the mower. But when he mows the yard of his neighbor (= AE; neighbour = BE) and **gets $ 20 for it, he is excited about his birthday gift. Other people see this and want to have their gardens mowed (= AE; mown = BE). The first day he **manages 3 gardens, earns 60 dollars and is contracted by six people to mow their gardens. Before he falls asleep that night, he thinks about the day and cannot believe kein Komma vor that that he has already earned so much money, but he will = werden; hast du das so gemeint? still get a lot more dollars. The next morning he eats his breakfast quickly and after that kein Komma he begins to mow. After his second garden, he meets --- Arnold Howell, who is a stockbroker. He says he wants to have his yard mowed (s.o.), but can pay only 35 dollars kein Komma vor because because he is currently unemployed. Arnold suggests to do ??? the 35 dollars in stocks. The Lawn Boy is interested (in **the deal oder ganz weglassen)and agrees to mow the garden under these conditions. Before he starts, he complains about too many jobs. Arnold wants to help him and offers him to get a few workers. At night they meet a man called Pasquale, who can bring his cousin as a support for the lawn boy. The next day he meets Louis, who is waiting for Arnold with a car and a lawn mower. 2 weeks later, 5 people from Pasqual’s family help the Lawn Boy.

Four weeks after he started to mow gardens, it **is the first rainy day in this summer. On this day he goes to **Arnold to talk about his work. Arnold tells him that currently 15 people are working for him and that he has earned 8000 dollars by mowing of gardens until now. The Lawn Boy cannot believe him and thinks it is a joke , but Arnold ahead ??? and says that the stocks have become more expensive. He has sold all of them and received $ 50,000. The lawn boy is speechless and looks out of the window. Now he owns 58.000 dollars. The Lawn boy wants to see the money, but Arnold tells him that he must be 18 or his parents must pick up the money. He also says he has invested all the money into a boxer called Joseph.

This boxer comes to Arnold’s house 15 minutes to meet his sponsor. After they **have talked a bit, Pasqual storms through the door and says that the workers are threatened by three men who want money. So they go to the car and drive to the workers**, where** the boxer Joseph chases away the bad men. When the Lawn Boy comes home at night, he wants to tell his parents everything, but he does not dare to. The next day he wants to go to Arnold as usual, but he sees the three evil men in ** Arnold‘s house and** therefore he runs back home .

Entscheide dich, ob du Law Boy durchgängig als Eigenname groß schreibst.

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