Sind die Zeiten so korrekt? ( Englisch / the apple tree / on the beach)

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2. When the protagonist has offered some logs to Mrs. Hill, he smiles a secret smile. What thought, in your opinion, is behind this smile? = He smiles a "secret smile" because he has had a reason to cut the tree down. All the time he hasn't cut the tree because Willis wanted to give the tree a chance but now Mrs. Hills has needed the wood. Finally he has put an end to his chapter by cutting the tree down.

3. The marriage between the protagonist and Midge was not happy. Who do you think was more to blame for the unhappy marriage, Midge oder the protagonist? Give reasons. = In my opinion, the protagonist and his wife both blame for the unhappy. The marriage of the two was very unhappy. None of them enjoyed it and the protagonist cheated on his wife by kissing a young, pretty girl on the farm. Furthermore he was often in a bad mood, was lazy and he had never helped his wife. Midge, his wife, worked the whole day ad did al the housework alone. She wasn't interested in other things. Although she was unhappy, she never said something to her husband. There were like two people who live in different worlds.

4. Explain the end of the story. = The man wants to touch the young tree, it symbolizes the young womna, but his foot is in a deep cut in the stump from the old tree. The old tree symbolizes his wife Midge and I think she wants to punish him for the unhappy marriage. He can't escape the stump from the old tree and dies lonely in the snow.Midge wants that he suffers like she suffers in the marriage with him. So she takes revenge.

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