Kennt jemand songs über das älterwerden?

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Cat Stevens: Father and Son

"Wir sind alle über 40" oder "Du kannst nicht immer 17" sein. Doofe Lieder, aber du kannst sie irgendwie umstellen, damit es richtig lustig wird.

Brief an die Zukünftige Gastfamilie - Gut so?

Dear host family. First of all I want to thank you very much for giving me the chance to life in the US for ten months and that I can be a part of your family. My name is xxx but everyone just calls me xxx. I live with my mum xxx, my dad xxx and my brother xxx in a little city called xxx in the middle of Germany. We live here in a little house with a very nice garden. My brother is three years older than me and starts to study business management in summer. We have a really good relationship. He already has his drivers license so we often just drive around with his car, listen to music, laughing and singing loud. My mum is xx years old and works xxxxxxx. I often go shopping with her and can tell her everything. My dad is xx years old and xxxxxxxx. I spend much time with my family. We love to do sports or to travel. We often go on trips to other cities or to other countries. Two years ago we were on vacation in Florida. I enjoyed it very much. Since then I would like to go to America again, would like to live there and would like to go to school there.

My school is a Gymnasium and I go there every day by foot. That’s why I wake up every single day at 6 a.m. but I am a morning person so I don’t have problems with that. My favorite subjects in school are English, Math and of course Sports. I also learn Spanish which I enjoy too, even if it’s sometimes very hard. Twice a week I go to a school for disabled children and play with them in my free time. The kids love me and I love them. When I am older I would like to be a teacher for kids like these. I also help younger children from my school in especially math. In my free time I often meet my friends or do sports. I used to do gymnastics for eleven years and I am quite good at it. Now I visit the gym twice to four times a week. If there is enough snow in winter I go skiing almost every weekend. In summer I go swimming like every single day with my friends. When I was younger I used to be in the swimming club and I was really good for my age. I also like cycling, skating and ice-skating. But I also love to go shopping or to the cinema like every normal teenager I guess. I would like to spend one year with you because I want to experience by myself how it is to live in another country, go to a high school and speaking another language. Thank you very much for letting my dream come true! I really look forward to meet you See you soon! Love, xxx

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Austauschjahr Usa Gastfamilienbrief

Hallo, Ich möchte nächstes Jahr ein Jahr in die USA und ich bin gerade dabei mich zu bewerben. Nun muss ich einen Brief an die Gastfamilie schreiben und ich weiß nicht ob er gut ist und ob da Fehler drinne sind? Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen. Ich bedanke mich schonmal. Hier ist der Brief:

Dear host family,

first of all I want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend a year in the USA with you and to be a part of your family. In this letter I try to give you an impression of my personality and to introduce myself, my family, the things I typically do and the place where I live.

My name is Tamara and I'm a 16 years old girl from Germany. I live in a small village near ***. I live alone with my mother in a nice apartment. My older brother **** doesn't live at home because he moved on when he was 16. He works as a market manager. My grandparents live near my mother and me.

My family is very important for me and we spend a lot of time together. My mother is a really good cook, she writes a lot and she likes earrings and especially shoes. Sometimes I help her to make earrings. I see my brother once a week because he didn't live very far away. Once a year we go on vacation. We have stayed in many places like Turkey, Spain, Tunisia, Italy and other places in Europe.

I love music so I listen to music very often. I play guitar since a year and I sing but I'm not in any band. I'm not a professional so I'm still learning. I write songs by myself, most in English and it makes really fun. I often meet my friends and then we talk or we going shopping or we do something else. Sometimes I do nothing and just relax but this is rare.

I go in10th grade in school. My school is about 15 minutes away from me so I walk to school. My school isn't so big, there are 300-400 students. Mostly I like school because I can see my friends and my favorite classes are Music, English and German.

The USA fascinates me already for a long time. It's a many sided country with a colorful landscape and many different people. In Europe you always hear about the American Way Of Life and you also hear about the school spirit there and I want to experience all that and want to be a part of it. But there is so much more I could discover and learn about the country so I want to learn about the culture and the traditions of the USA. In an exchange year I could collect so many important experiences for my future life and I want to grow up with my personality and become more open-minded. I would like to meet new people and make friends and I would like to find a second family.

I'm a friendly person who like to help other people and who is a good listener. I'm open for new experience, adaptable and inquisitive.

I'm finishing my letter now and I want to thank you again for giving me the chance to spend a year in the USA, it's a big dream of mine

love greetings


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kann mir jemand mein Text korrigieren?

Ich muss morgen eine 5 minutige Rede in Englisch halten, ich weiß es aber nicht ob meint Text passend ist. Könnt ihr mir bitte euer Meinung dazu sagen, was ich daran verbessern könnte?

Danke im Vorraus

Good evening everybody, today I would like to introduce myself for you. I’m .. and I’m .. years old. I was born in .. and I came in age of 17 to Vienna. That’s mean I finished the elementary and middle school in my country and started here in fifth class high school. Unfortunately the situation there wasn’t actually aren’t save so we had to move out to somewhere where we can live in freedom. Of course the first two years were very difficult for me, because I was so impatient when people spoke in German and I couldn’t understand anything. So I had to deal at the same time with difficult language and completely different culture but it was just matter of time until I adapt that all. Now I live with my parents, 3 Sisters and with my dog. In my free time I go shopping, meet my friends, play drum, I also have to convenes that I’m kind of series junkie. I’m I am currently watching “how to get away with murder” so if you don’t know it, I can recommend it to you.

I also like to read books but most of them are in Arabic. Speaking of languages besides german and english i speak fluently Assyrian and Arabic, and little bet French. For those of who don’t know what Assyrian is, it’s a language that was spoken in Mesopotamia. It was in use for 2,500 years.

Likewise I like to travel around the world. I was in a few countries last years for example, Finland, Italian, Sweden, Rome, Spain, Germany, Hungary and Czech. And lived for a couple of months in Jordyn and Syrian.

As a kid I always wanted to be dentist to make people nice smile but now I prefer to study pharmacy because it’s more comfortable than playing in people’s mouths.

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