informationen über victoria secret?

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"Die Geschichte des Unternehmens beginnt 1977. Ray Raymond gründete
Vitoria’s Secret in San Francisco. Ihn ärgerte die Verkaufssituation für
Unterwäsche, wenn er im örtlichen Großmarkt danach fragte – es war ihm
zu unpersönlich, peinlich und schlicht unangenehm."


Dann habe ich das noch gefunden:'s_Secret_come_from

"The origin of a company name is often a mystery. What we
discovered, is that there is no one "secret."
The Victoria of Victoria's Secret likely refers to the British
queen. Ipso facto, one can conclude the aforementioned "secret" is
merely part of a clever branding strategy, alluding to the
titillating possibility that the prudish monarch (who at one point
during her reign went into seclusion for 25 years) liked to wear
sexy lingerie like the stretch lace Miracle Bra. Lucky Prince
But despite what some would say was a cultivated aura of
Anglicism, Victoria's Secret started in the early 70s as a small
lingerie shop in San Francisco. The store was decorated, according
to Les Wexner, CEO of Victoria's parent company, like a Victorian
brothel, complete with red leather sofas.
Not so secret, perhaps, is that over the years, the company has
been the subject of various protests and accusations. Some claim it
promotes hyper-sexualized images of women. And in 2003, the Supreme
Court ruled that a small Kentucky sex shop called "Victor's Little
Secret" did not infringe on the company's trademark.

Details aside, the background story is that the company was started
by a man who was trying to buy lingerie for his wife. It was
difficult for men to simply walk into lingerie stores and buy
lingerie for their wives.

In any case, that man's name was Victor. Victor dressed as a women
to enter the store and disguised himself as Victoria.

Victoria is Victor, who is man, trying to buy lingerie for his

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