Gute Sprüche für ein Profilbild?

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We found wonderland (aus einem Lied)
Can you be my Heroin?
Your not my 24/7, your my 11/11

Kommentar von marrymaddly
29.10.2016, 19:47

sorry bessere sind mir grad nicht eingefallen😂


"I found my way getting lost with you."

"I was addicted to the way he said my name."

"Promise me you'll never leave my side."

"I'll wear your forehead kisses as a crown."

"I'd do anything to be your everything."

"I found my home in you."

"I am lucky as shit bc I got the person I want."

"What I have with you, I don't want with anyone else."

“Ich poste gern tiefsinnige Sprüche über genauso tiefsinnigen Bildern.“

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