Englisch Referat über L.A?

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Vom Fragesteller als hilfreich ausgezeichnet

OMG. Ich erlaube mir, nur den Anfang zu korrigieren.

Vorab: Sprich den Namen Los Angeles bitte RICHTIG aus, nicht so, wie die meisten Deutschen das tun, NICHT wie "Loss Eyndscheless", sondern etwa wie "Ändscheles" oder "Ändscheliihs" 


New York

LA. has been ranked... (ohne 'it')


Los Angeles (nicht "Angelos")

I should like to talk about... (NICHT I want to tell..)

on of the most famous...

Beverly Hills

It's the site of the world's biggest film industry

the two best....

Ein paar Rechtschreibfehler/Grammatikfehler sind drinnen, aber ansonsten passt es. Ich finde es zu kurz, da ich auch mal ein Referat machen musste und ich 2 DIN A4 Seiten auf Englisch in 5 - 7 Minuten erklärt habe.

Ja das geht nur 2/3 min ich weiß aber leider nicht mehr was ich machen kann :(


Es sind einige Rechtschreibfehler drin und einige andere leichte Grammatikalische Fehler, vom Inhalt find ich es gut

Hallo, nächste Woche habe ich meine Eurocom Englisch Prüfung. Könnte jemand den Präsentationstext auf Zeiten und Satzbau korrigieren?


Now im am going to tell you something about Dublin . First i want to give you some facts about dublin, secoundly I will talk about some sights in dublin. My third point is about the culture.


Dublin is the capital and also the biggest city of Ireland. It is on the east coast of the island Ireland. The clima in dublin is very interesting i think. They have about 130 days of rain per year. So imagine nearly every 3rd day is a rainy day, and i think thats a bit to much. Dublin is a financial center, there are some european banks like commerzbank or Lbbw. The city is also famous for his guinnes factory, wich is a beer factory who is known all over the world. Just in Dublin are about 666 licenced Pubs so thats a lot, the oldest of them is the ,,brazen head“ its there since 1198. Dublin is the centre of the pharmaceutical industrie and also of the IT sector. There are a lot European headquaters like Google Microsoft Facebook.


A very known area of Dublin is Temple Bar. There are a lot of famous pubs and also a lot of live music.An interesting sight is the Trinity college, it was established by Elizabeth I in 1592 and you can still study there. A famous place in dublin is the Phoenix park its the largest urban enclosed park in europe and is more than twice the size of New Yorks central park. A very interesting area of dublin for me is the dame street its a main street and you don`t have to walk far till you are at Temple bar
or The Kaplan language school were i selfe went this summer. In this street is the Trinity college and a lot of shops and nice places, but there is a lot of traffic and the people often run.


The sport culture of Dublin is special. They do sports, other countries even dont know, they excist. For excample Hurling, its defenetly one of the fastest and most difficult sport in the world. They play it on a field that can be up to 145 meter long and 90 meter wide. The stick is called hurley and looks similar to a hockey racket. They need to shoot the ball who looks like a baseball in a goal. The goal is a mix between a rugby and a normal soccer goal. The rules are to difficult to explain now.

The most popular sport in Ireland is Gaelic football. Its like football but you are allowed to walk through the whole field with the ball in the hand, but in front of the goal you have to kick the ball in.

Maybe you now the most famous feast day in Irland, the St. Patricks Day. It commemorates the Irish bishop Patrick, who lives probably in the 5th century. He is the foremost patron saint of Irland. The St Patrick day is celebrated on the 17th of march with public parades and festivals, its common to wear a green attire and shamrocks. The St Patricks day is also celebrated in many other countries around the world.

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4 min referat über L.A in Englisch? o:

Hey !

wie findet ihr das: (bist jetzt) i think you all know Los Angeles or L.A

the biggest town in California and the second biggest town in the United States

people who live there called Angelenos

4 boroughs: Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Anaheim

population of c.a 4.000.000

famous because of the mild climate and the film and television industry

you all know it from Hollywood

Hollywood the most well-known film metropolis of America and the world

landmark from Hollywood is the HOLLYWOOD- sign in the Hollywood Hills, each letter of the sign is 12 meters high

the most well-known film studios : the Universal Studios

attractions in the boroughs:

in Hollywood there's the Walk of Fame: there are stars with the names of the most famous people of the world

then Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills has the highest population of stars worldwide, a little house there is not to have under 1 million $ in Beverly Hills: the most expensive road of the world , only rich people go shopping here

Santa Monica : famous for its big beaches, visitors often go to the beaches there, especially Venice Beach

Anaheim: many parcs: Disneyland , an adventures land, a tommorow land etc.

And in Downtown : a Chinatown , not very large, just a sidewalk Chinese shops and restaurants

das dauert aber nur 2 minuten... :( helft mir bitte über was könnte ich denn noch reden? D:

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