Englisch Referat über L.A?

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Vom Fragesteller als hilfreich ausgezeichnet

OMG. Ich erlaube mir, nur den Anfang zu korrigieren.

Vorab: Sprich den Namen Los Angeles bitte RICHTIG aus, nicht so, wie die meisten Deutschen das tun, NICHT wie "Loss Eyndscheless", sondern etwa wie "Ändscheles" oder "Ändscheliihs" 


New York

LA. has been ranked... (ohne 'it')


Los Angeles (nicht "Angelos")

I should like to talk about... (NICHT I want to tell..)

on of the most famous...

Beverly Hills

It's the site of the world's biggest film industry

the two best....

Ein paar Rechtschreibfehler/Grammatikfehler sind drinnen, aber ansonsten passt es. Ich finde es zu kurz, da ich auch mal ein Referat machen musste und ich 2 DIN A4 Seiten auf Englisch in 5 - 7 Minuten erklärt habe.

Ja das geht nur 2/3 min ich weiß aber leider nicht mehr was ich machen kann :(


Es sind einige Rechtschreibfehler drin und einige andere leichte Grammatikalische Fehler, vom Inhalt find ich es gut

Kann jemand bitte meinen englische Text zu "American Dream" korrigieren?

In the essay “What America means to me”, Benjamin Livian defines the American Dream as the ability to freely practice your religion and the equal right to political participation of every American citizens. He also describes the American Dream as the equal opportunities for every American citizens to go from “rags to riches” as long as they work hard to achieve aims. In the following I will assess Livian’s definition of the American Dream. On one side there are many stories of people who succeeded despite the economy, crime, poverty, poor education, and less than ideal homes, for example Bill Gates, President Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, etc. This proves that the US society is a classless society, where everybody can move up and succeed and social background does not decide on where you end up. The State has only few influences on each individual. As a matter of fact, communism or socialism never had a chance to spread in the US. Furthermore, the American Dream provides hope and encourage people to give their best and fulfil their dreams. This can lead to a reduction of the high school dropout rates. I believe that most dreams revolve around one’s happiness and well-being, and this is achievable for all. On the other side, the America Dream might not seem as beautiful as it represents. Most Americans in the current economic time have lost their jobs, homes and financial stability. Today many young children grow up believing that life cannot get better and that their dreams are impossible due to the struggles of economic, crime, and poverty. In fact, high quality schools are very expensive in America. The chances to climb the career ladder are very low and real success is still rare. It seems to me that the American Dream is only possible when there is no poverty in this world. Besides statistics show that African Americans have a lower median income than for example Asian. This means that not everybody has the same opportunities although this is what the Constitution guarantees. Moreover, the emphasis on individual responsibility of the American society can lead to isolation and insecurity. Aside from that, the pursuit of material things leads to disaster, climate change and pollution in the US and the developing world. In conclusion, I would say that I agree only partly with Livian’s statements. In my view, depending on whom you are and what you do for a living, the American dream may be more achievable to some than others.

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Mündliche Englisch Prüfung über die USA

Hallo Leute, würde mich sehr freuen wenn ihr meine Prüfung (neunte Klasse) durchlesen würdet. Wenn ihr Fehler oder falschen Satzbau findet bitte schreiben! :)

Today I want to talk about my favourite Country, the USA. USA means United States of America. They consist of fifty States with Hawaii and Alaska. There live about 300 million people. The Capital City is Washington. There lives the President Barack Obama. He is the first Black President. The biggest Cities are New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

The most visited Sights in the USA is Disney World, with 48 million visitors a year. The second most visited is Las Vegas with 39 million Tourists. The United States of America has many other beautiful sights like the Empire State Builiding, Golden Gate Bridge, Walk of Fame, the Statue of Liberty and some more. There are also many National Parks for example the Grand Canyon. The National Sports of the USA are American Football, Baseball,Basketball and Hockey. In the USA you can go swimming,fishing,cycling,hore-riding,play tennis,climbing and any more.

Dann hab ich noch ein paar (falsche?!) Sätze die ich gerne noch einbauen würde :

The first man to walk on the moon was American Neil Armstrong.

Englisch is the most commonly spoken language in the USA, followed by Spanish.

The most Trends are coming from the USA. (food,fashion,music and sports)

There are many famous people in the USA . In the USA you pay with Dollars and Cents.

In America there gives a lot of Mountains, Sees and Rivers.

The first people in USA was the Indianer.

The American Flag has Strips and fifty Stars for every State in the USA.

Ich bin leider sehr schlecht darin verschiedene Satzanfänge zufinden. Wenn euch einer einfällt wäre es nett ihn mir zu schreiben. LG Bella :)

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florida referat

ich habe jetzt mein Referat fertig... Aber ich bin mir sehr unsicher! Stimmt das so? Ich meine alles! Rechtschreibung, Inhalt und ist es auch interessant? Soll ich noch was einbauen oder rausnehemn, oder umformulieren?

Sports and Recreation

Florida’s climate attracts millions of tourists every year. The famous sports are boating, jogging, water skiing, skin diving, and hunting. In Orlando there are Disney World and Epcot Centre. Sebring and Dayton Beach are famous for car races. Land

Florida is a large peninsula (Halbinsel) which lays between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Florida is a country in the southbound of the USA. The nearby states are Georgia and Alabama. Florida is the 22nd largest state. Flordia’s coastline is 2175km long. In Florida there live 14 million peoples. The capital is Tallahassee. The largest towns in Florida are Miami, Jacksonville and Tampa.

Rivers and lakes Florida has only four big rivers, there are all in the northern part. The largest river is the Apalachicola. The second biggest river is the Suwannee. The two other large rivers are Saint Johns and the Escambia. There are many hundred lakes in the south there’s for example Okeechobee. The south of Florida is covered by swamps and marshes.

Plants The types of plants that grow in Florida often vary greatly. I think one of the most beautiful flowering trees is the royal Poinciana. Palms grow in the southern part of the state. Also orange trees.

Animals In Florida there are many animals. I'll tell you big and small animals but just a few. Big animals are the black bear, wild cat, gray fox, crocodile key deer
and Florida panther . Small animals are rabbit, opossum, and squirrel. Florida has 700 species of fish in the rivers, lakes, and coastal water. Very often are mullet, trout, bass, red snapper, pompano, catfish, Shrimp, lobster, crabs, and clams.

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Englisch (Zagreb)

Hey Leute, ich muss etwas auf englisch über Kroatien schreiben und bitte euch es zu korrigieren falls Fehler drinne sind. Danke im vorraus :)

Zagreb is the capitol and the largest city of Croatia. In Zagreb reside a catholic archbishop, Croatian academy of science and arts and also an important administration and military agency. It is a city with rich history dating from the Roman times to the present day. Reportedly GaWC-Study has Zagreb a Status for a world city. They have a population of 790.017 und has an area of 641.355 km2. The government is Milan Bandic since 2000. The majority of the population are with 93,14 percent Croats, 2,22 percent major Serbs. 1,03 percent major Bosnian and the rest belong to a different minority. Zagreb has 17 districts like Donja Dubrava, Sesvete or Maksimir and 70 settlements. 89,09 percent are roman catholic, 2,08 percent Islam and 8,83 percent to another religion. A highlight of this city is for example the Croatian national theatre which was founded in 1840. The cathedral is considered landmark of the city.

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4 min referat über L.A in Englisch? o:

Hey !

wie findet ihr das: (bist jetzt) i think you all know Los Angeles or L.A

the biggest town in California and the second biggest town in the United States

people who live there called Angelenos

4 boroughs: Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Anaheim

population of c.a 4.000.000

famous because of the mild climate and the film and television industry

you all know it from Hollywood

Hollywood the most well-known film metropolis of America and the world

landmark from Hollywood is the HOLLYWOOD- sign in the Hollywood Hills, each letter of the sign is 12 meters high

the most well-known film studios : the Universal Studios

attractions in the boroughs:

in Hollywood there's the Walk of Fame: there are stars with the names of the most famous people of the world

then Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills has the highest population of stars worldwide, a little house there is not to have under 1 million $ in Beverly Hills: the most expensive road of the world , only rich people go shopping here

Santa Monica : famous for its big beaches, visitors often go to the beaches there, especially Venice Beach

Anaheim: many parcs: Disneyland , an adventures land, a tommorow land etc.

And in Downtown : a Chinatown , not very large, just a sidewalk Chinese shops and restaurants

das dauert aber nur 2 minuten... :( helft mir bitte über was könnte ich denn noch reden? D:

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Kann jemand diesen Blog entry korrigieren?

Ich bedanke mich für eure Hilfe und hoffe, dass ihr mir Helfen könnt :

I'm finally back at home in Vienna after my two weeks of holidays I've spent with my family in Turkey. First, I´m going to talk about Sinop and after that, about Istanbul. We flew to Istanbul with a plane and we spend our night at our home there. At the next day, we got ready really fast and made our way to Sinop with our car. When we arrived in Sinop, I made my way to my relatives to greet you and spend the night with my friends on the beach and played poker. All Mornings we went to the beaches and we meet some friends. The weather was very hot every day and it has also rained a few times. We also visited the city a couple of times to see the sights. 

We spent eleven days in Sinop and then went back to Istanbul to visit the other relatives. When we were back in Istanbul it was rained two days and it was also very hot. We were often in the downtown to shop, like the big Pazar where there are many shops and you can negotiate there with the dealers. What I buy every year is raisins and sunflower seeds, because they taste very good and are fresh there. In Istanbul, we stayed for a total of three days and then flew back to Vienna.

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