Englisch Korrektur: Growing up in two cultures?

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immer noch falsch sind die fett markierten Stellen.

Hey, my name is Julian. I was born in Germany or more specifically in
the capital of Germany. So I speak only German. But at school I learn
English and French. English is my favourite foreign language, and I
think about an exchange year in the USA. Now I'll tell you what I think
about growing up in two cultures. I believe one can safely say growing
up in two cultures would have many advantages but also many
disadvantages. If you grew up in two cultures, you would probably speak
two languages which help your career, get to know a new culture, you
have a variety in food ,meet new people and so on. (zu lang) But it seems to me
there are more important disadvantages. The disadvantages could be that
you don't have any friends and feel isolated, you might feel homesick,
or can't identify to one culture (zu lang). But the main disadvantages, as far as I
understand, is the discrimination which might have to impact on your
whole life.


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Hey, my name is Julian and I was born in the capitol of Germany. Therefore my mother language is German but i can also speak French and English as i'm learning it at school. (...) Growing up in two different cultures can bring both advantages and disadvantages. In the one hand, if you grow up in two cultures, you could probably speak two languages, which can help you to improve your chance of career. Getting to know a new culture you have variety OF food, you can meet new people and also make good friends, which can improve your cultural knowledge and therefore you can become more open-minded. But it seems to me that there are more disadvantages than advantages of growing up in two cultures. The problem can be that you can't identify yourself with one culture as you're growing up with two different way of lives. For this reason you probably can't meet new friends and also feel lonely and isolated. But the main disadvantage is, as far as i unterstand this problem, is the discrimination of people other cultural familys which can impact on your whole life.
Dann würd ich noch nen zusammenfassenden Schlusssatz schreiben.

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*of other cultures


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