Wie kann man dieses Cartoon beschreiben?

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Just something quick I have thrown together.

The cartoon depicts a father with his daughter.

He's still reading a old fashioned newspaper made out of real paper which by now is quite outdated due to the Internet providing a continuously updated news stream which provides you with the most recent events that are happening around the globe.

The daughter however is clearly well aware and integrated in the current digital world. She informs her Father that he can read all about her day on her personal blog instead of telling him about it herself when he asks. This clearly indicates a lack of proper communication between the child and parent, maybe even a lack of proper social skills since she is unable to have a short conversation with her father and only replies to his inquiry while she walks across the room, not even sparing time to stop and properly address him (also clear lack of respect for a authority figure).

Due to the fact that the depicted child is female and still very young and the clear lack of proper communication between the child and parents makes me suspect that her father might not be informed about the potential dangers of the digital world and doesn't make sure that his daughter uses it in a safe and smart way so she doesn't get cat-fished by a pedophile.

In conclusion this is clearly a unhealthy relationship between father and daughter and they both have to work on bettering themselves in different areas.

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Ein Großteil der Kommunikation bei den Kids und Youngsters läuft halt über soziale Netzwerke etc.

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