Was heißt Vice?

3 Antworten

1) Laster (etwa gleich Sünde; Gegenteil von Tugend)

2) Vize (z.B. vice president = zweiter Präsident, Vertreter des Präsidenten)

Schon mal von "Miami Vice" gehört?

Aus chron.com:

The role of a vice police officer has been popularized by the media, which
often depicts the cops as working undercover on high-stakes
investigations surrounded by seedy criminals. In reality, vice officers
do work on important stakeouts. Any excitement, however, is typically
overshadowed by long surveillance projects aimed at building a case.

Vice officers investigate crimes related to prostitution, gambling and
narcotics. In some jurisdictions, a vice squad may also be tasked with
monitoring guns, alcohol, bookmaking, pornography and human trafficking.
Although most of these items are legal when produced and sold in their
regulated form, vice is concerned with immoral uses and activities. For
example, selling guns and alcohol to adults is legal, but trafficking
the items illegally is a criminal activity.

Eine "vice squad" entspricht also ungefahr der Sittenpolizei, doch geht es bei der vice squad nicht nur um Prostitution, sondern auch z.B. um Drogendelikte, Wettbetrug usw  

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