Was sind die Unterschiede zwischen Kubakrise und Koreakrieg?

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Das sagt doch schon der Name. Der Koreakrieg war ein Krieg, ein Stellvertreterkrieg der beiden Blocks, die es damals gab.

Die Kubakrise war eine Krise zwischen den beiden Blocks, die aber nicht zum Krieg wurde. Gott sei Dank, denn dann gäbe es uns alle nicht mehr. Die Welt stand damals am Rande des Atomkriegs. DAs war bei dem Koreakrieg nicht der Fall.

Bei der Kubakrise stand man kurz vor einem (Atom-)Krieg;

der Koreakrieg WAR ein (Stellvertreter-)Krieg. 

In what ways did the Cold war lead to crisis in Latin America and Southeast Asia

What was the Korean war

1. In 1950 the United States acted swiftly to protect the South Koreans who had been attacked by the Soviet backed North Koreans.

2. US troops stalemated the North at Pusan and then invaded further north at Inchon. The Inchon invasion led by MacArthur split the North and chased them back to the Yalu River at which point the Chinese attacked and pushed us back.

3. The US held at the 38th parallel. A treaty was then signed.

B. Why did the US help the South Koreans?

1. Contain the spread of Communism.


F. The Cuban Missile Crisis

1. In 1962 United States spy planes took pictures of Soviet missiles in Cuba. In reaction to that threat President Kennedy demanded their removal and for Soviet ships steaming towards Cuba to turn around.

2. U.S. and Soviet ships steamed towards each other for the first time. It was like a giant game of "chicken."

2. Both Kruschev and Kennedy appeared willing to go to war.

3. At the last minute Kruschev ordered his ships to turn around.

4. Kennedy is remembered for his strength and skill in the diplomatic game known as "brinkmanship." socialstudieshelp.com/lesson_101_notes.htm

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Ein paar Millionen Tote - vor allem Nordkoreaner, Flächenbombardements, Napalm...

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