Schaut mal bitte über mein Englisch Dialog zwischen einem Ehepaar und einem Reisebüroangestellten?

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ravel agent: Good morning! Can I help you?

Mein Vorschlag:

Paul and Maria: Yes, we need (would like to have) some advice! My wife and I would like (würden gerne) to book a holiday. We like to explore historic cities and it shouldn't be too noisy there.

Travel agent: What about Spain? You can (evtl. could) relax on long and beautiful beaches. visit old (evtl. ancient) and historic cities.

Paul and Maria : Spain isn´t the right place for us because we already went there last year and my wife thinks that there are too many tourists.

Ich habe meine Korrekturen fett und kursiv gekennzeichnet. Was in Klammern steht ist nur ein Vorschlag, deine Wahl ist korrekt.

Du solltest dir die Satzstellung im Englischen nochmal anschauen.


ich habs mal übersätzt und finde ihn eigendlich richtig gut

Reisebüro: Guten Morgen! Kann ich Ihnen helfen? -----Paul und Maria: Ja, wir brauchen einen Rat! Meine Frau und ich wollen einen Urlaub buchen. Wir möchten historische Städte erforschen und es soll nicht unruhig dort sein. ------Reisebüro: Was ist mit Spanien? Sie können sich auf lange und schöne Strände zu entspannen. Sie können auch besuchen alte und historische Städte. -----Paul und Maria: Spanien ist nicht der richtige Ort für uns, weil wir bereits im letzten Jahr dort und meine Frau fest, dass zu viele Touristen da sind.

ich fin ihn gut^^

halo245 wollte aber keine Übersetzung, sondern nur wissen ob der Dialog so okay ist.


Hilfe bei einem 5min Talk in englisch?

Hallo ich muss für englisch ein 5min Talk machen, und da mir zurzeit niemand helfen kann, frage ich hier mal nach. Mir geht es hauptsächlich um Grammatikalische Fehler und falls jemand verbesserungsvorschläge hat bitte sagen


Hello and welcome. Imagine you just want to fly on vacation with your son.

Suddenly you hear an explosion and the plane is crashing.

You wake up in the destroyed plane and see how your son gets kidnapped by a strange man.

Now you are an a island and you have to survive in the forest.

So because I want to tell you something about one of my favourite video games named The Forest.

The forest is a Single or Multiplay open world Survival horror game produced by the Publisher Endnight.

And the early access was released in 2014. and the 1.0 April 2018.

You can play the game on Pc and PS4.

The game is available on steam (steam is like a platform where you can buy and download) for about 17euros.

it also gets new content by regular updates so it never gets boring.

The Map of the game is very big and there are very many Caves

and other interesting things there like containers a yacht and villages.

I already told you that the story starts with a plane crash and you are the only survivor with your son who got kidnapped.

Now you have to build a shelter and try to survive.

If you want to survive in the Forest you have to pay attention to allot.

For example, if you eat poisonous berries you can get ill and have to find aloe vera to heal you or if it starts raining you have to build a fire to dry yourself.

With all the things you can find in the woods you can craft Clothing, Weapons and many other items.

In caves, you can find very helpful things like an Axe, Dynamite, Climbing tool or also a Chainsaw.

You can build Houses, Fences, Chairs quite everything you need to survive. But you are not alone on the island.

There are also cannibals and Mutants who are trying to kill you.

In the game, there are also and walls you can build to defend yourself from your unfriendly neighbours.

If you want to finish the story you have to find some of these items.

But in the caves are also some monsters to make the game harder


There are also a lot of animals like crocodiles, birds, Boars, turtles and many more.

The story ends with entering a huge underground lab. There were experiments with humans and the Mutants have broken out and killed the scientists.

If go on you can find your son... But he is dead! But there is a chance to revive him. You have to find a living kid to sacrafice it for your son.

then you find a little girl that mutates into a big monster. After you have fought her you have to realize that she does not qualify as a victim.

Now you have the choice... Shot a plane to get a new Victim or shut the lab down. What would you do...?

If you revive timmy he is infected and you can see a cutscene where Timmy turns into a Monster like the girl... Then the game is over!

Thank you for your attention

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Schreibe morgen eine Englischarbeit.Könnte ich das hier so ungefähr in der Arbeit schreiben?:/

Hallo. Ich schreibe morgen eine Englischarbeit :unser Thema wird hauptsächlich Medien sein. Wir müssen einen Text über die pros and cons bei Medien aufschreiben. Hier habe ich mal ein Beispiel wie ich das schreiben würde .Ich bin mir aber noch nicht sicher ob das gut genug is.Könntet ihr mir helfen.Habe ich dort ein paar Fehler und wenn ja welche ?wäre echt sehr nett .Danke:)

Its a fact that we couldnt life without medias.I will Show you what are the pros and cons of certain medias are.We start with theradio.What is positive and what is negative?Negative is,you can only hear the Music or the sounds but you can not see anything .Anyway you can be passive and relaxed.At the Radio you will hear some News of the world,the weather and traffic.At the Internet everybods can upload or download Information ,Videos and Songs ,so you can be a star witch doing yourself Music.On the reality TV there are real People in real situations.It is good because you would be entertaint and you can get fame ,Money and cheap to produce as the actor.But is Reality Tv always realtity?No it is fake.Also you can watch Newchanel and choose what yiu want to watch.An finally Comes the newspaper.öIt is not always up to late and the Journalist is under pressure(daraus folgt Pfeil)they get Deadlines.Positiv is the News are interesting for the Reader.

Ich weiß ich kann nicht so gut englisch (leider)

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Dialog Englisch

Hallo, in englisch sollen wir einen Dialog machen, da sollen wir eine Party planen..

Könntet ihr euch das mal durchlesen und mir die Grammatik/Rechtschreib-Fehler nennen?


Fiona: Hey Lara! How are you?

Lara: Hello. I'm fine, thank you. Franzi has got birthday at the 12th December.

Fiona: How about a surprise party?

Lara: That's a good idea!

Fiona: I suggest, we make the party at your home.

Lara: No, my parents say I am not allowed to do a party at home. I thin we ought to do the party at your home.

Fiona: That's okay. And when we make the party?

Lara: At Franzis birthday. Have you got time at the 12th December at 5 o´ clock in the evening? Fiona: Yes, I have. What want we do with her?

Lara: I've got an idea. We could go to the cinema or we can go bowling?

Fiona: I decide on the cinema. What movie want we see?

Lara: We can see „Fack ju Göhte“ and after the movie we can go to your home.

Fiona: We can eat pizza.

Lara: I am able to bring the pizza. What can we drink? How about coke?

Fiona: Yes, coke is tasty. I'm able to buy the coke.

Lara: That's good. We have to hear music!

Fiona: We could hear charts, but I'm not allowed to hear it to loud.

Lara: Shall I send the invation to Emely and Charlott?

Fiona: Yes. When ends the party?

Lara: I have to be home at 10 o´ clock in the evening.

Fiona: Okay, but I have to clean the room. Can you help me, please?

Lara: Yes, of course. Sorry, I must leave now. I have other arrangements.

Fiona: Okay, I will call you.

Lara: Bye!

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englisch mündliche Prüfung klasse 7...Hilfe?

Hallo, ich bin in der 7. Klasse und habe Morgen eine mündliche Prüfung in Englisch. Wir sollen ein Vortrag über ein bestimmtes Thema halten (ungefähr 5 Minuten, wir dürfen Notizen/Stichpunkte mitnehmen) und danach sollen wir mit einem Partner ein Dialog führen. Ich habe für den Vortrag das London Eye als Thema und habe einen Text darüber geschrieben, den ich dann stichpunktartig nochmal schreibe um freier zu sprechen. Das hier ist der Text, ist der grammatikalisch und so richtig oder müsste ich noch was verändern?

,, I choose the topic ' the London Eye', because I was there and it was really cool and I can say pretty much about it. the London Eye is with 135 meters the biggest ferris wheel in Europe. That's so tall, like 64 stacked of those red Telephone box, which you can find everywhere in London (Bei dem Satz bin ich mir unsicher). But the London eye goes very slowly, you can compare the speed with a turtel and it takes over a half hour to wait in of the 32 capsules. But did you know, that you can celebrate your birthday up there? You will get a chocolate cake and can have a party with an amazing view of the Big Ben, the Westminster Abbey, the Buckingham Palace and many sightseeings more. It's also possible to marry there, but you can have only 25 guests, because a capsule can't carry more persons (oder sollte man 'persons' durch 'people' ersetzen). In the afternoon and on Saturday and Sunday the queue for the London eye is very long and sometimes you must stay longer there as in the capsule, so it's better to go in the morning on Monday to Friday. In the evening it's probably the most beautifull view. You can visit the London eye since 2000 and today it's one of the most famous sightseeings and attractions in London. Everyday around 15,000 people buy a ticket.

All in all I would say that it's awesome to be in the London Eye, it's a view that I will never forget. "

Danke für Hilfe

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