has oder have?

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bei Gruppenbezeichnungen wie family, audience, class, club, crowd, crew, government usw. gibt es die Möglichkeit,

Verben und Pronomen im Plural, nämlich wenn betont werden soll, was die einzelnen Personen der Gruppe (nicht die Gruppe als Ganzes) tun.

Ist dagegen die Gruppe als Ganzes gemeint bzw. als Einheit gesehen, stehen Verben und Pronomen im Singular

Ich denke, dass hier die comapny als Ganzes/Einheit gemeint ist und würde deshalb in diesem Fall has (und it) verwenden.

:-) AstridDerPu

company wird als collective noun betrachtet, was zur folge hat, dass es (obwohl grammatikalisch singular) als plural gebraucht wird. also "have"

wird die firma namentlich genannt, wuerde man eher "has" benutzen.

es ist aber ein grammatikalischer sonderfall, der viel diskutiert wird (auch im deutschen) und unterschiedlich verwendet.

Ich würde hier auch "has" vorziehen und sogar als einzig richtige Lösung betrachten, da man an die Firma hier als Ganzes denkt und nicht an die einzelnen Arbeitnehmer.


has, weil in einer company sind zwar mehrere Leute, aber an sich ist eine company ein "ding" (it) und deshalb has und nicht have.

englisch Grammatik, kurze Frage?


ganz kurze Frage: wenn man auf englisch "die Firma spart Geld" schreibt, heißt es dann "the company SAVE money" oder SAVES money.. he, she, it das s muss mit aber company ist kein he, she oder it ... oder ?


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Kann jemand diesen englischen Comment Korrektur lesen?

A comment on the topic “Abortion”

A contentious issue: ABORTION. Nowadays more and more women have an abortion. But whether this interference with nature really is lawfully remains doubtful and will be discussed now.

Proponents of abortion say the argument that the woman has the right to decide about her body and thus about her pregnancy or an abortion. So no one has to care about her decision. This is true, but in the womb the embryo is already a living being and therefore the embryo is an individual and has a right to life.

In addition, the argument is repeatedly mentioned that the pregnancy was unwanted, the mothers are to young or have no partner. But I think this is the worst argument at all. There are umpteen ways to prevent a pregnancy. But if you were maybe too stupid or too lazy to preventing, it is you own fault. In such cases, there are still help sites for mothers or the option to release the child for adoption.

Moreover, an abortion is murder. Abortions dine by some medications or methods like scrape or vacuum. Many people say that the embryo does not feel any pain during abortions, but this is also false. Embryos already have a heartbeat or a nervous system in the third week of pregnancy, so they can feel pain.

All in one, I believe that an abortion is not morally justifiable. Nevertheless, there should be exceptions like if the pregnancy resulted from rape or the pregnancy constitutes a danger to the woman. When you have an abortion you kill your own flesh and blood. This action can’t be reversed, and I am sure that every woman who decides to have an abortion will get mental problems. At the end, the woman has to decide with the father about an abortion, because in Germany an abortion is allowed up to the 3rd month. So I’m against a abortion – there are too many ways to get not into such a situation. If you get into such a situation, you have to cope with the consequences.

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heißt es have oder has?

wenn zb the smiths have oda has

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Wann have/has bei Passive?

Hallo hab ne Frage!

Ich schreibe morgen eine Englisch Arbeit und dort kommt Passive dran.

Ich habe auf Ego4U gelernt, aber verstehe doch nicht, wann have/has.

Ich habe gelernt, dass Have bei I,You,They,We kommt und Has bei He,She,It.

Auf der Seite steht trotzdem Has obwohl da them (they) steht.

( Aktiv ) They have not read the book.
→ The book has not been read by them.

Wo ist die Logik und kann mir das jemand erklären?
Danke :)

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Hallo ist das richtig auf English?

  1. Pauline has not Seen her mother since she has arrived last week.
  2. Mr Martins has looked at the New plans yesterday, but he has not decided yet if he will accept them.
  3. I never have looked horror Films, so I have not watched the one TV last night.
  4. My grandfather always has enjoyed a glass of red wine with his meal, but since he has had his heart attack, he has not even looked at alcohol any more.
  5. When the New immigrants have arrived in the united states, they often have not can speaked english.
  6. Soon after their arrival they found out that they must learned English immediately.
  7. Since the days of the American colonies, immigrants maked this experience over and over again.
  8. The same was true of the immigrants of the 1970s, but they conntinouslied to tried to learn English ever since they landed in America.
  9. Every group of immigrants considered America AS a country of nearly unlimited opportunities.
  10. Mr Bart came to America 10 years ago and life there ever since.
  11. Last year he got married and he already to teach his wife some italian.
  12. His parents to visit him three times, although they never wanted to travel across the Atlantic.
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