Australias huge area of flat dry earth is called the

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"Bush" oder "Outback".
Letzteres hättest Du aber leicht selbst finden können.

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Die Frage ist schwierig zu beantworten, weil es dafür eigentlich keine einheitliche Bezeichnung gibt. Es gibt dort dessert, bush, bushland, dry areas, Saltlakes, outback. Es kommt immer drauf an, wo Du gerade bist.

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Queensland is located in the North-East of the Australien continent and is the second largest State in Australia. It is more than five times as large as Germany or Britain. The population is about 4.5 and more than the half are living in Brisbane. With New South Wales is Queensland the state with the largest proportion of Aboriginal. There live 26 percent of the total Aboriginal population of Australia. The capital is Brisbane with a population of 1.5. Other bigger towns in Queensland are Gold Coast, Townsville, Cairns und Rockhampton. Nature Reserve in Queensland are the big Barrier reef, Fraser Island and the rain forest on the cape York Island in the north of the state.


The Europeans discovered queensland for the first time in the 1600s. They came about the golf of Carpentaria. It belonged till 1851 to New South Wales and was called only in 1859 by queen Elisabeth completely as an own federal state. From the 3rd of Semptember, 1824 to 10th of December 1859, was the british colony Queensland a part of New South Wales. On the 26th of June, 1879 Torres Strait Island and Barrier Reef/Whitsunday Iceland was assigned to Queensland. Queensland became on the 1st of January, 1901 a federal state of Australia.


In the south of Queensland is the climate tropical, warm, sunny with mild winters. More to the north the climate becomes slowly tropical. The tropical summer begins here from January to April with rain and storms. The average temperatures amount in summer between 21 degrees and 29 degrees, in winter between 10 degrees and 26 degrees. Because of his pleasant climate is queensland often called also Sunshine State. In the region of the tropical north of queensland is the temperature in summer between 24 degrees to 31 degrees, in winter 10 to 16 degrees. Because of the low air humidity are in Queensland often forest fires.

National Park

The national park Barron Gorge is especially known for his tropical rainforest. Here are living animals like kangaroos, beak animals, bats, birds and butterflies. Tortoises live in the Barron- river together with fishes like Welsen and eels. The Barron Gorge National Park has an own railway station and is at the same time a part of the traditional area of the native(Aborigines).Waterfalls can be enjoyed on the Observation Tower. It is located directly at the train station. Particularly at high water is the view a true experience.

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**Hallo zusammen komme in Chemie nicht weiter. Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir weiter helfen.

  1. The activity series of metals arranges all metals in order of their ________ chemical activity. A chemical reaction between a metal and a solution of a salt takes place if the salt solution contains ions of elements which are __________ the metal in the activity series of metals. With diluted acids can react those metals which are _______________ hydrogen in activity series of metals. The reaction between silver and diluted nitric acid is not possible, because silver is ___________ hydrogen in activity series of metals.

  2. The main sources of hydrocarbons are ___ and ____. Natural gas consists of alkanes with less than five carbons. Petroleum contains hundreds of different ____, mostly alkanes, but also ____ compounds are present. Various components of petroleum are obtained by physical methods like ____ and are used as lubricating oils and greases. Natural gas and petroleum are crucially important to our civilization.

  3. Hydrocarbons (compounds composed of carbon and hydrogen) in which all of the carbon-carbon bonds are ____ bonds are called alkanes. Hydrocarbons that have one ore more ____ double bonds are called alkenes. When a(n) ____ section of an organic molecule is largely responsible for the molecule's chemical and physical characteristics, that section is called a functional group. Compounds that contain the ____ ring are called arenes or aromatics.

  4. The chemical ____ of all amino acids are due to the special arrangement of the amino and carbonyl ____. They are classified as amphoteric ____ - they act as weak acids or weak bases. Identifying amino acids in the laboratory is achieved by a method called "____" - observing migration molecules under an applied electrical field.

  5. The amide bond between amino acids is called a ____. When two amino acids are joined, the resulting molecule is a ____. A polymer made of hundreds of amino acid monomers is called a ____. ____ is the unfolding of a protein so that it is no longer in its original shape.

  6. Amino acids are linked together by a(n) ____ bond, created when the carboxylic acid reacts with the amine group of another amino acid to form a(n) ____ functional group. Condensation is a chemical reaction of a small molecule, such as ____. Protein molecules are described in terms of their primary, ____, and tertiary structures.

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