Was bedeutet Holosexual D:?

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I also posted this in the LGBT section where I was in the process of replying when you withdrew the question!

Here's what Vizenor himself says about defining the word and where it
comes from. It's an excerpt from an interview in the source below, which
I suggest you read in full to get the context.

JACK FOLEY: What is "holosexual"? Not homosexual or heterosexual but holosexual...?

GERALD VIZENOR: I am referring to the entire sexual and erotic energy of
every cell in our bodies, in order not to reduce this rich and complex
energy of eroticism and sexuality to the mere restrictive binaries of

JACK FOLEY: Yes, yes. "Holo" meaning whole, the whole thing, everything, like the Greek prefix "pan."

GERALD VIZENOR: Always, always sexual.

The 'holo" part is the Greek prefix meaning "whole". Here are some other common words that use it:

holocaust: literally "burnt whole"; completely burned

holograph: as in a hand written will, written wholely (entirely) in the person's own handwriting

holistic: as in holistic medicine, concerned with the whole rather than
the parts; emphasizing the importance of the whole and the
interdependence of the parts.

Good and interesting question!



Danke für die Frage, ich hatte auch noch nie von Holosexualität gehört :)

Urban dictionary schreibt dazu:

Someone who is sexually attracted to holographic things (e.g.: Nail polishes, poster boards, phone cases, ect.)

Der Begriff stammt von simply naillogical auf YouTube.
Ein "holosexual" ist jemand der holographische Dinge toll findet und sich angezogen von ihnen fühlt.
Ähnlich wie Homosexuell ist es eine Orientierung, jedoch eher nur aus Spaß gedacht, als dass man wirklich diese Richtung auslebt.
Hier ein Video von Cristine (simply naillogical):

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