Speaking test ich brauche Fragen?

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How old are you??

When is your birthday?

Have you got any brothers or sisters?

(If yes, what are their names? How old are they? or How old is he/ she? What's his / her name?)

Have you got any pets at home?

What are your hobbies?

(for example "football": When did you start playing? )

Do you play a musical instrument?

What are your favourite subjects? /What is your favourite subject? Why?

Do you like playing computer games / listening to music / reading / watching films?

Then you can ask:  What's your favourite game? Why?Who is your favourite actor /actress / singer / band?

Have you ever been to the UK or the USA? When were you there? Where were you there?

Where do you live? What's your name? How are you?

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