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Vom Fragesteller als hilfreich ausgezeichnet

Deinen Comment finde ich sehr gut, englisch und inhaltlich. Musst Du dafür auch Quellenangaben angeben oder kommt es bei dieser Übung nicht darauf an? Zum Schluss hin hast Du ein paar Kleinigkeiten, die man besser formulieren könnte, aber das muss nicht sein. Ich wünschte, ich würde öfters mal solche reports wie Deinen zu lesen bekommen...

so die fortsetzung =)

To date there has only been an increase of 0.8 degrees Celsius measured since 1850. In addition to that it is completely natural that the climate changes. For the past 200 years we have been living in a warming phase, from 1500-1800 we lived in a mini ice age. The scientists are also concerned about the shifting of the seasons, it has been observed that the birds have begun to migrate two weeks earlier. This is only the case in certain areas. The scientists also believe that the glaciers melt periodically, and it is only through satellite pictures that we notice it more now.

Should we really be overly concerned with all these different views? In my opinion, we are not at fault for the climate changes. We should not ignore our environment though. It does not hurt to separate our trash or to leave the car parked sometimes, which would help our figures. We only have this one planet and should handle it with respect. We do not to let ourselves be panicked because there are enough facts to show that we are not at fault for the global warming. We should be more concerned with atomic weapons, that we have already tested, and the damage that they cause. In my opinion, we will destroy our planet earlier that way than if we use our car to go to the store for bread.

Pros and cons über Soziale Netzwerke (comment?

Hey, ich habe einen comment verfasst über die Nutzung von Sozialen Medien auf unsere Schulischen Noten, und wollte fragen ob Verbesserungsvorschläge bezüglich der Grammatik oder des Inhalts da sind.

Social Networks make us possible to be in contact with our friend and to be up to date what’s happening in the world. But to much social networking isn’t good for our school marks. Especially teenagers wasting their time on social networks instead of learning. As i said in my last comment, you can get a worse grammar when you only communicate in social networks. Additionally you can get a lack of concentration and a sleep disorder when you spend too much time in social networks. But there are also useful facts, for using social networks for our school work. You can discuss over solutions and compare homeworks over social media. Another important point is, that you can learn together without to meet each other, for example when they live to far away. In Addition you can also organise a school project with social media. A good example is a whatsapp group with your project partners to decide which guy have what to do, for example at weekends, when you can't meet them in school. Personally, I believe that spending too much time in social media isn't good for our school marks. But at the present time the most teenagers can't live without social networks. In my opinion are social networks not a bad thing, but we should but we should find a healthy middle.

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Englischprüfung Save The Planet?


ich muss in Englisch demnächst eine 5 Minütige Präsentation über ein Projekt halten, dass was positives zur Umwelt beiträgt. Zur Aufgabenstellung:

"All over the world people, animals and nature suffer from global warming, the rising sea and pollution. How can you protect our planet? Develop an idea for a project to make our lives better and save the enviroment."

Talk about:

  • your project idea
  • who is involved
  • which aspect is in focus (e.g. saving water, eco friendly production)
  • what you need to realize your project
  • possibilities and limits (problems)
  • ...

Meine Frage ist nun welches Thema soll ich nehmen, und wie begründen?

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Englisch comment: GM Food! Fehleranalyse! Ist dieser Comment ok?

Hallo ! Ich schreiben nächste Woche eine Englisch Arbeit zum Thema Genetically Modified Food. Ich wollte mich drauf vorbereiten und habe deshalb schon einen kurzen Comment geschrieben. Könnt ihr mir helfen und nachschauen ob das so ok ist. Danke im Voraus!

At the present time People always want to sell faster and cheaper. This also applies for food. More and more Supermarkets sell genetically modified food. But is that ok? Should Mankind manipulate the gene? In the following Text I will show you why GM food should be ban.

The Problem is that many People doesn’t know that the most Food in Supermarkets are genetically modified. I thing if they knew what they eat then many People wouldn´t buy the GM food. Because the food is unpopular among Consumers.

On the one hand the Food is much cheaper than Nature Food. On the other hand the Food is unhealthy. The GM animals die much earlier than normal Animals and they suffer too. There is no doubt about it that the GM Food is unhealthy.

In addition the Mankind doesn’t know which consequences at manipulate of gene there can be. Maybe it can break a disease. The People should be careful with that.

So I believe that the GM Food is not only bad for us but also for the animals. That is why I think that GM Food should be ban. The Mankind shouldn’t change anything what worked of thousands years. Only because the People are greedy.

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Englischer comment zum Thema Computer?

Hallo, ich schreibe demnächst eine Englischarbeit. Zum üben wollte ich deshalb einen comment zu der Frage:,, Sind Computer notwendig?" schreiben. Ich wollte fragen ob jemand Vorschläge für eine Einleitung hätte?

Vielen dank im vorraus!

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Arguments pro und contra Cannabis?

Hallo ? Kann mir jemand pro und kontra Argumente sagen zum Thema Cannabis und der Fragestellung ob jeder in die drogenfalle fallen könnte

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