Englisch Referat ueber die unterschiede in englischen-deutschen Schulen

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German school children have to get to school earlier, but often then get to go home at lunchtime. German schools don't wear school uniforms whereas almost all English schools do. Although this is changing in certain states nowadays, German schools traditionally finished soon after or around lunchtime whereas English schools typically finish at around 3.30 although many private schools may not finish until around 5.30. More often than not German pupils will have a classroom set aside just for their class (7a) whereas in many English secondary schools (yr.7-11/13, Kl.5-13) teachers are assigned their own classrooms and the pupils walk from one to another. Foreign languages (especially English and very often Latin as well) are considered to be alot more important amongst pupils and teachers alike in German schools, whilst between just 1/4 and 1/3 of British schools have compulsory foreign language lessons. In Germany they also have a three-tier school system in which the most academically able of students are put in the 'Gymnasium' and carry on their school career until they are 19 (in many states soon-to-be 18) after doing 'Abitur' (A-Levels) and the less able are put into either 'Haupt- or Realschule' and normally finish school at 16. In England, by comparison, formal education is compulsory up until the age of 16 when you finish your GCSEs, after which the pupil is given the choice as to what would be the best for his/ her future (often leading to a further years of qualifications like BTECs and A-Levels or apprentiships). Although there is a large number of boarding and private schools in England (which enjoy great popularity), German private schools are very uncommon and often have a specific purpose (learning/ behavioral problems or, more often, if the child did not gotten the grades to get into the state Gymnasium, but the parents have the money for a better or longer education and the other two alternatives.


englisch referat them

Ich soll ein 5-10 minütiges referat über ein beliebiges thema im englischunterrocht halten.

HAbt ihr vorschläge, was sich dafür gut eignen würde.?

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Soll ich ein in englisch Referat als Thema Pewdiepie nehmen?

Ich muss in Englisch ein Referat halten über ein Thema, was mit englisch zu tun hat. Ich hatte gedacht ich könnte Pewdiepie nehmen, die Sache ist nur ich weiß nicht wie meine Lehrerin darauf reagiern wird, wenn ich über einen englischen Youtuber ein Referat halte.

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Hallo könnte wer mein englisch Referat kontrollieren?

What is factory farming ?. Factory Farming is a way of producing meat and other animal products quickly and cheaply. The animals are kept in small cages. They get special food, so they are growing faster. The main products of this industry are meat, milk and eggs for human consumption. Advantages: Cheaper prices With the use of factory farms, the prices of food became very cheap. The main reason for this is that the food can be processed very fast. Also, the food for the animals is very cheap, because they buy it in mass orders. Enough animal products for the market Factory farms use vitamins, minerals, and other substances that make animals grow faster and so they can produce much more food. Big farms also have modern tools which helps to produce meat, milk, eggs and other products very quickly and in an efficient way.

Disadvantages: Very bad living conditions In many factory farms the animals are kept in small cages, where they don’t have any space to walk around and do what they naturally do. The animals are usually kept indoor, so they don’t get any fresh air or sun. The cages are not cleaned as often as it is necessary, so the living conditions for the animals are very bad.

Bad for people’s health Factory farms are bad for people’s health in two ways. One of these is the pollution what they produce, which harm the health of the people who are living next to them. The other way is through the antibiotics that they give their animals to make them immune against illnesses. These can be transmitted to people from the meat and other animal products.

Small farming businesses haven’t a chance against factory farms Many factory farms are owned by corporations, who have the possibility to buy modern tools, equipment and larger spaces for the animals. They’re able to sell their products at a lower price. Smaller farms usually don’t have the resources to buy faster and bigger machines and therefore they can’t compete with their larger rivals.

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Englisch Referat? (11. Klasse)

Ich brauche ein Thema für mein Englisch Referat! Ich bin jetzt in der Oberstufe und muss demnächst ein 5-minütiges Referat in Englisch halten. Leider fällt mir einfach kein passendes Thema ein. Habt ihr gute Ideen?

Schon mal vielen Dank im voraus! :)

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Englisch Referat (3 Minuten), welches Thema?

Hallo :) Wir sollen in Englisch (9. Klasse) ein etwa drei Minütiges Referat halten. Das Thema soll etwas mit der englischen Sprache oder Kultur zu tun haben. Sonst dürfen wir frei wählen. Ich wäre für ein bisschen Inspiration sehr Dankbar. :)

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Referat über England in englisch mündlich halten?

Ich muss ein 3 Minütiges Referat über England in englisch halten wie soll ich die 3 Minuten vortragen.

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