Englisch mündliche Prüfung at Home?

Nur den Teil at Home soll ich machen  - (Leben, Englisch, Prüfung)

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Also auf dem Papier steht dass du ein bisschne beschreiben sollst mit wem du zusammen lebst und was für Freunde du hast. Quasi deine Eltern/Geschwister und ob du auch Freunde hast (z.B. eine beste Freundin/besten Freund mit dem du jedes Wochende zusammen hängst) , das reicht schon.

Dann sollst du den Alltag etwas beschreiben. Wie sieht es bei dir zu Hause aus? Gibt es Abends gemeinsames Abendessen, am Wochenende gemeinsames Mittagessen? Hilft jeder im Haushalt? Sitzt ihr Abends zusammen auf der Couch und schaut Fernsehen?

Hast du Haustiere? Wenn ja welche und wieviele? Warum habt ihr keine Haustiere? Habt ihr Probleme mit denen?

Wie feiert ihr Weihnachten/Ostern/Geburtstage? Mit der Familie, bei den Großeltern, mit Freunden? etc.

Ok danke ich habe das jetzt so gemacht Good Morning misster Misses.
Today i speak about my Home. We are a Little Family with 4 members. I have a father a mother and an older sister. My Father is from morivo his Name is max Mustermann and he is 47 years old my mom is from Italy she s Name is Max Mustermann She met my dad in italy in the year 1992 one years later they married. Another year later is Born my sister at the year 1994 at italy. When my sister was 1 month old we moved to Germany. 3 years later we came to Hamburg. Where we live to this day. 3 years later i was Born in the year 2000 in Hamburg my father Works as Police Officer. My mother is 40 years old she dont work. My sister is 22 years old and do a Education as a Florist. I am 16 years old and i Go School my Hobbys are Basketball and Play Outside with Friends. I have many friend for example Max Mustermann he is 15 years old and go with me in the class 10E But my best friend is Max Mustermann He is 16 and goes into my parallel class 9a. I and max Mustermann learned to know us 7 years ago before we hated each other but now we are best friends. Almost every day we go out and just go through the city mostly we also call other friends if they want to come with. We had a hamster named hamtaro but he unfortunately died. A year ago we bought 3 budgies. Every day they are already at 6 o'clock and wake us all with her singing hercules the uttermost of the three sings the whole day therefore screams to his girlfriend tweety often when she wants to sleep.
In the summer holidays we often go to morocco to my grandparents and in the autumn holidays for a week to italy to my grandpa. In morocco we have a big house so we stay there for so long but in Italy with my opa is not because he has a small house. Since we are muslims we celebrate actually no Christmas or easter but because my mother was before cristin she has my father persuaded
We have like this month also every year the fasting month for many the bad sound of a month from one time to the next nothing to eat or drink to be allowed but after 2-4 days you get used to it.
ist das so richtig p.s Schreibfehler sind egal muss das so wieso später in Stichworten machen


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