Was ist die Aussage vom Song "Bicycle Ride" - Queen?

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  The song is most likely not about cycling
at all but about bisexuality.  It's possible Freddy Mercury started
writing about his sexuality and was advised to change the words, or he penned the words in relative secrecy, with only band members knowing what the song is about.  When seen from this perspective the song takes on a newer, fresher and much more interesting complexion, with the song
really being a assertion of difference and a right to be different.  Thesong is full of polarities and opposites, followed by assertions of what I want to do (which is different to what you want to do).  It's possible that Freddy Mercury's sexuality had a far more powerful impact on his music and song than people like to credit, and Bicycle Races, although in no way a beautiful or powerful song, is nevertheless a curious example of mercurial measures writers can take tohide themselves from their public while revealing themselves to a few.

Quelle: https://sites.google.com/site/tabooandhiddenmeaningsinsong/add-a-gallery/bicycle-races-queen

Diese Interpretation erscheint mir nicht abwegig. Es geht NICHT um ein Radrennen und auch nicht um ein harmloses Kinderliedchen, denn dann wäre der Text einfach nur NONSENS, sondern um das thema "sexuelle Andersartigkeit" ( F. Mercury eben!)

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