Parfüm ähnlich wie christina aguilera?

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Vom Fragesteller als hilfreich ausgezeichnet

Mein aktuelles Lieblingsparfüm ist Viva La Juicy :)

lady million, ist aber etwas stark calvin klein - beauty alien riecht bei sparsamen gebrauch meiner meinung nach auch sehr gut :)



Das von george, gina &lucy riecht auch schön und ein bisschen ähnlich wie das by night :)

dankeschön, werde mal dran riechen :)


Sehr männliches Parfüm gesucht?

Hallo ich suche ein gutes Parfüm das männlich riecht also nicht wie one Million sondern eher wie Hugo Boss oder so.

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Parfum für Jungen?

Könnt ihr mir ein sehr gutes Parfum für mich empfehlen, m16, was sehr gut bei anderen ankommt?

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One million Parfüm für Opa kaufen ja oder nein? Denkt ihr es gefällt ihm?

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Hilfe zu Englisch Präsentation?

10 Klasse mündliche Prüfung 3min

1. Antalya facts

·       Antalya is one of the most famous cities in Turkey and is famous for its beautiful beaches.

·       And with more than 2.5 million tourists in a year, Antalya is one of the most visited cities in Turkey

·       The city has a population of 3 million- including about 7000 Germans- and a size of 1500 km ².


2. History

·       According to ancient tradition, Antalya was founded by King Attalos II of Pergamon in 159BC. After him it was named Attaleia.

·       From 133 B. C. his empire came to the Roman Empire by inheritance.

·       Under Emperor Hadrian Attaleia was surrounded by a strong wall.

·       The Byzantines continued to expand the city and surrounded it with a double wall to ward off the Arab invasions in the 8th and 9th centuries.

·       In 1207 the Seljuks conquered the city.

·       In 1426, Antalya came under Ottoman rule.

·       Over time the name Attaleia has changed to Antalya.



3. Lara Beach

·       Lara Beach is located in the east of Antalya, just south of the airport.

·       Hotel and club facilities are located along the beach for several kilometres.

·       There are a few picnic areas at the part of the beach that is directly adjacent to the city.

·       Restaurants and beach bars serve the bathers during the day.

·       In the eastern part there are karusells, a bungee jumping tower, trampolines and beach volleyball courts.

·       From the 60 meter high bungee tower you have almost the same view as when landing at Antalya airport.

·       You can also go up the tower just to enjoy the view.



4. Aspendos

·       The best preserved Roman amphitheatre in the world.

·       It is still used today for performances.

·       Up to 15,000 visitors found a place in the 1,800-year-old magnificent building.

·       As one of the most popular excursion destinations Antalya attracts many tourists

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Welches Parfüm finden Frauen "anziehend"?

Ich war gestern in der Disco und hatte one Million drauf.ich hatte das Gefühl das jeder zweite one Million draufhatte.mein (Wunsch-)Parfüm solle möglichst langanhaltend und intensiv sein und für den täglich geeinigt sein und die Frauen sollten es lieben:)

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Hilfe bei Übersetzung/ Korrektur?

Hallo, danke das sie sich Zeit nehmen. Kann mir einer meinen Text in gutes Englisch verbessern ?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

What is skynet? It's a new mass surveillance technology in China. It is a way for the government to monitor the population at any time on any day. But does total surveillance not affect the population negatively? The fact is that mass surveillance greatly influences and restricts people's privacy.

 Does surveillance have a positive impact on people's behavior? Does it make humans automatsch better? Total surveillance limits the lifestyle of the individual human. In public, man must behave as the state dictates. He has to cut back on his own needs in order to seize the same opportunities as other sections of the population. If he does not, he has to reckon with restrictions in social and professional life by the state. In Xingiung, who are pioneers of total mass surveillance, there is a social credit score that spikes people's behavior and places them in a ranking. If one does not behave according to the guidelines and rules, one falls down in the ranking. This inferior rank can cause disadvantages in job application, job, home and credit. In the long run, it does not make a person better, because as a person you need a break to have time for yourself.

Furthermore, mass surveillance affects the human psyche. Constant surveillance puts pressure on the people by the state, as it always has to behave according to the guidelines. This results in fear of failure. Other psychological consequences are behavioral disorders that build on the fear of failure. People become more unhappy and their potential for aggression increases. Man becomes a ticking time bomb to the state, because they can exercise their aggression in a dangerous way. Through constant monitoring, bad mental illnesses, such as paranoia, develop. Normally, people behave individually and do not have to pretend. Through constant surveillance, he is forced by the state to behave differently or against his will. Therefore, the individuality of individual citizens is limited. Man has a right to the free decision that is limited by it. As a result, the loyalty and acceptance of the state is called into question. So an oppositional opinion is formed against the state, which does not make the citizen a better person.

In conclusion we conclude that state mass surveillance only makes man as an individual better in a short time: In the long run, this system is in a dead end, because it has many physical and mental, as well as social negative consequences for humans in the long run.

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