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Hey XpilotX,

hier ist der Text korrigiert: 

Good afternoon and welcome to our short presentation about the Royal Flying Doctor Service and THE road trains in Australia´s outback. Our presentation has 2 parts. After that there will be SOME time for YOUR questions.

FIRST, I would like to tell YOU about the Royal Flying Doctor Service

The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia is one of the largest and most comprehensive aeromedical organisations in the world. It provides emergency and primary health care services for people living in remote areas of Australia. It is a non profit organization which provides health care to people who cannot access a hospital.

The Area Medical Service was found in 1928 by John Flynn. The first base was in Cloncurry, Queensland and in 1934, THE FIRST PLANE STARTED from the base to his first emergency. In 1943, the name changed from Area Medical Service to Royal Flying Doctor Service.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service has actually 63 planes and 21 bases in Australia. Emergency calls ARE received by phone or two-way radio communication. The plane with ITS crew need maximum 2 hours to fly to a patient. The Royal Flying ALSO STATIONED boxes with medicaments in some places in the outback, for people who are ill.

The cost of the RFDS IS financed by federal grants from the government, the Northern Territory and from donations. The cost for the equipment and medical devices MUST BE PAID BY the service itself.

The RFDS has an Area of 7 millions square KILOMETRES, this is two-thirds of the total area of Australia. The base in Alice Springs is RESPONSIBLE for 1 square kilometer WHERE almost 16. 000 people live. 90 percent of them are Aboriginie.

The base in Alice Springs is one of the MOST famous station, because tourists can visit IT.

In summary the Royal Flying Doctor Service IS a great organization THAT HELPS people in the remote areas in the Outback of Australia.

Thank you for listening to my presentation! Any questions ?

Ein paar Fehlern aber sonst, sehr gut gemacht! :)

Viel Erfolg!

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Kommentar von XpilotX
21.11.2015, 07:53

WOW ! Und auch noch korrigiert !

Ich bedanke mich dafür das du dir die Zeit genommen hast den Text zu korrigieren, DANKE !

Grüße Max 


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