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hi, muss demnächst eine vortrag über das apollo programm vortragen ,kann jemand vllt die vorhandenden fehler korrigieren ?

The Apollo Programme

The Apollo programme was a space flight project by the Nasa. It ran from 1961 to 1972.

The word NASA is the short cuted version from "National Aeronautics and Space Administstration"

When did the first Humans visit the moon? The firts manned mission to the moon was Apollo 8. It circeld around the moon in Christmas eve in 1968, Apollo 8 did not land on the moon. It orbited the moon then came it back to the earth.7

The first moon landing happend on July 20, 1969 on the Apollo 11 Mission. The Crew consist of Neil Amstrong,Bazz Oldrin and Michale Collins. When Amstrong became the first person on the moon he said: thats one Step for a man ,one giant leap for mankind.

A total of 12 Astronauts walked on the moon. Overall gave it 17 Apollo missions.

Fatal accidents in the Apollo programme. Apollo 1 is the name for the first projected space flight mission from the apollo programme by nasa. During a test came it to a fire in the capsule. All three Astronauts die.

Apollo 13 is one of the more famous lunar missions . A movie was made about this flight. Apollo 13 was supposed to land on the moon. On the way there, the space craft had a problem. Apollo 13 flew all the way around the moon before returning home. Anyway they land safely on the earth.

The whole programme costs about 24 billion us dollars and employed 400.000 people, and the support of over 20.000 industrial firms and universities. The last moon landing was in december 1972. The programme has been ended, because the cost were too high. Since that Time nobody has been on the moon.

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