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Bea: Wait… is it true that you like dancing? or is it a lie, too? 

Ben: Me and dance? I'm not a straw.

Bea: Oh shut up! you have no idea.

Ben: I don´t even because I'm not interested in dancing.

Bea: (Shakes his head)

Ben: But I have an idea

Bea: Then start with it

Ben: What if we play your game?

Bea: How exactly do you imagine that?

Ben: What if we act as if we are together

Bea: The idea is terrible

Ben: Do you have a better idea then?

Bea: Why do not we pretend we're arguing about it. By figuring out that the other one does not have the interests of the other one, we rest like we argue and I break your football boots, for example.

Ben: My shoes?! No way!

Bea: Listen! I have that but do not do it. we argue violently while the two are there. and then you want to destroy my ballet shoes. they realize that the whole thing was bad and stop us.

Ben: So we'll pay it back to the two!

Bea: Yes!

On the way to the classroom F1 and F2 go over the schoolyard. At the moment Ben and Bea stand in front of the entrance and start their show.

bea: Why would i ever care about soccer! Their stinking dogs are just a ball, as if it was more important than anything else in the world.

ben: I don´t laugh! and I should be a straw dance! am I gay?! certainly not

bea: You are not even smart enough to be a gentleman

ben: I wouldnt even want to dance with you.I'd rather stop playing football than dance with you

 bea: Then you do not need your shoes anymore. Himself a straw dancer. (brings out his sport shoes and scissors)

ben: Oh yes? then you do not need your shoes! (take your shoes)

F1 and F2 race as fast as they can to stop him.

f1: Wait! We are sorry!

f2: Yes! We are sorry that we lied to you! we wanted to bring you together.

ben: I never want to hear any more rumors about me who are not! did you understand it!

f1 and f2: Yes, i´m sorry.

bea: Fine.

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