Von welchem Planeten stammt der Predator?

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Vom Fragesteller als hilfreich ausgezeichnet

Hi, dies hier hab ich gefunden. Ist aber pure Spekulation, soweit mir bekannt ist sind keine genauen Details über die Heimat von Predator bekannt.

The exact origins of the Yautja (Predator) species are not known, but are believed to originate somewhere outside the boundries of the human universe. There has been no recorded findings of a Yautja home planet, so the theory stands that the race is purely nomadic - travelling from system to system, seeking the greatest hunting grounds. However, it is safe to assume that the species must have originated from a planet at some point in their past, so this is the basis for the speculation of a Yautja homeworld.

Yautja seem to be capable of breathing oxygen - but since their physiology relies on breathing apparatus and/or supplements, it's been accepted that they need a similar atmosphere to Earth but with a mixture of other gases including methane and nitrogen. This would suggest that their home planet is comprised of jungle, swamps and marshes - with a great amount of plant-life and rotting vegetation, producing these gases. It is also such a planet that would sustain multitudes of animal life, which may or may not have prompted the Yautja to pursue what is now their reason for being - the hunt.

On the subject of the Yautja's visual senses, it's probable that the planet is either quite distant from any Sun, or the light produced from their Sun is very different to that of Earth. This would explain the first Predator's vision once he had removed his helmet - it showed his vision as either a form of infra-red, or something evolved from another kind of visual spectrum. It is also possible that their planet rotates at a slower speed, leaving them in darkness for long periods of time - the Yautja may be primarily a nocturnal species.

A slow planet rotation could result from a planet with a great mass, creating dense gravity, which would explain the Yautja's super-human strength and qualities present on a planet with a lower gravitational field. Their agility also suggests that the homeworld would have contained mountains, rocky outcrops and similar structures which would force the evolution of the creature to adapt and to, and navigate across, such difficult areas. And as previously mentioned, the planet was most likely a jungle planet, so there would be a number of forests and great trees which would have also helped the Yautja's ability to scale objects.

Ich hoffe ich konnte dir ein wenig helfen. MFG, Ki

Yautja (Predator) - (Film, Science-Fiction, Predator)

Der Begriff "Yautja" stammt übrigens aus einem Buch und kommt nicht in den Filmen vor. Sollte man noch erwähnen. Ansonsten ein schöner, umfassender Text. DH!


Dann warte doch mal ab biss der nächste film rauskommt kann sein das da schon mehr zu erfahren is! ;) Und ja es kommt noch ein Film! :D