4 min referat über L.A in Englisch? o:

Hey !

wie findet ihr das: (bist jetzt) i think you all know Los Angeles or L.A

the biggest town in California and the second biggest town in the United States

people who live there called Angelenos

4 boroughs: Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Anaheim

population of c.a 4.000.000

famous because of the mild climate and the film and television industry

you all know it from Hollywood

Hollywood the most well-known film metropolis of America and the world

landmark from Hollywood is the HOLLYWOOD- sign in the Hollywood Hills, each letter of the sign is 12 meters high

the most well-known film studios : the Universal Studios

attractions in the boroughs:

in Hollywood there's the Walk of Fame: there are stars with the names of the most famous people of the world

then Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills has the highest population of stars worldwide, a little house there is not to have under 1 million $ in Beverly Hills: the most expensive road of the world , only rich people go shopping here

Santa Monica : famous for its big beaches, visitors often go to the beaches there, especially Venice Beach

Anaheim: many parcs: Disneyland , an adventures land, a tommorow land etc.

And in Downtown : a Chinatown , not very large, just a sidewalk Chinese shops and restaurants

das dauert aber nur 2 minuten... :( helft mir bitte über was könnte ich denn noch reden? D:

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