Mario und Sonic olympische Winterspiele. Abenteuermodus: Wo finde ich Blitz-Skeleton?

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,,Blitz Skeleton is an item found in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games in the DS version. To get it, Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog must go to Polastraits 2 and find a Penguin who needs help. The penguin says that he warned his friends Shy Guy and Chao from playing on ice, but he's worried about them. Therefore, he asks Sonic and Mario to look for them. They are indeed found on cracked ice, afraid from falling into the water. After Mario and Sonic rescue them, they have to go to the Penguin who thanks them for saving his friends' lives and rewards them with the Blitz Skeleton. This will allow Mario and Sonic to compete in Skeleton missions and challenge Eggman Nega for the second time."


Musst also scheinbar einem Pinguin helfen, danach kannst du es dir von ihm abholen. ;P

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