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Will there be a film of the Black Magician Trilogy? Though I have a film agent, and there has been some interest, so far the rights haven’t been sold. I have no intention of making a film myself, though I’m always flattered by the innocent exhortations by fans that I should try. Since I lack the training, experience, connections and funds to do it, and I firmly believe that nobody would like to see a film made with a cheap hand held camera on badly made sets in my back yard with my friends as actors, I’m happy to wait and see if someone with the right credentials comes along with a serious proposal.

It would be wonderful to see my stories made into films, and even better if they were made into good films. But let’s be realistic. Few fantasy series have been, and those were considered classics (Lord of the Rings) or are immensely popular children’s fiction (Harry Potter, Narnia – which is both children’s lit and a classic). Compressing the Black Magician Trilogy story into one film would be difficult. Still, it’s great to hear readers think it is worthy of the Big Screen.

If I ever sell the rights and someone makes a film, believe me, I’ll be blogging about it!

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