Also den einzigen Shop den ich kenne ist in Frankfurt a.M. und der heißt daebak. Ich habe keinen anderen gesehen, auch nicht als ich in Köln war. Wäre aber cool wenn es mehr gäbe.

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We have no need for the past. All we need are the present and the future.

There's nothing more deceiving than an obvious truth.

To hate something that you used to love is such a painful feeling.

Love means money these days.

Those bound by superficial rules who do not use their pawns to the utmost are fools.

Don't cry; it's pathetic. Crying won't change anything. The world is never kind to anyone.

Words are cheap. There's no guarantee she won't tell anyone. Humans lie without a second thought. Including me, of course.

I have long forgotten how to laugh as if I were having fun.

If we are to die one day, wouldn't it be better to have no regrets?

We mock their desperate wishes, and trample them like insects! Cowardly, base - we're more demonic than demons are! I'm just like them. I'm full of the same ugliness they were. This is how humans are. It's how we are, Sebastian!

If you stick to a "lie", it'll eventually become the "truth".

Only two kinds of people exist in this world, those who steal and those who are stolen from.

I am not so noble that I would stake my life for someone else. Nor am I so forgiving that I would sit by and allow someone to trample me. I am selfish... and self righteous human being! That's why! I... to clear my own shame... I used your power. Not for anyone else! But for myself!

After all, justice in this world is just a bunch of principles, made by those with power to suit themselves.

Moping around with sadness and sorrow... what will come of it? Even dead people can do that. However, I'll live and stand on my own two legs. If we are going to die one day, wouldn't it be better to have no regrets?

You should keep your distance from me if you want to live. My place is in the shadows, yours in the light. We walk opposite paths, Aberline. It's best that you remember that.

Is there truly any human who is not arrogant?

We as humans have the power to do such, but whether we grab on to the thread or not is a choice we make.

I'm afraid when something is truly lost, one can never get it back again.

Yes, Children can be quite demanding about their games.

Unfortunately, in reality there is no situation where one can win merely by following the rules. There will be knights that break the rules, and even chess pieces that betray him.

Pain tends to heal as time passes, but personally, I don't want time to heal my wounds. You may think you've escaped the pain and forgotten it, but that's nothing more than stagnation. You can't move forward without the pain.

Forget about revenge, and live on.

I was born to end up alone.

You can only disgrace the dead so much.

Sebastian, you know what to do.

Do not-arrogant people exist?

I ... humiliated as a pet ... my house was burnt, my family was killed. I was such a... powerless kid. Therefore, I returned to this place in order to make those people who put me through such fate taste the same humiliation. The successors of the generations killed three years prior would come to me as long as I am the head of the Phantomhive family that stands in their way. I'm waiting ...for them to come and try to kill me here.


So what? You're another person, so of course you look different. What do you need to be ashamed for? Besides, I'm free to be with whoever I want. No one has the right to say anything about it.

Listen when people are talking to you!!!

He is nothing more than one of my pawns. However, he is not a normal pawn. He is a pawn that can get across the whole board in one move.

What are you lazily standing around for? You obtained me my revenge. This is an order! Come and eat my soul already! Until the very moment when you eat all my soul you are my butler - Sebastian Michaelis!

*to Sebastian* Let's go, you cat-obsessed moron.

I'm sorry. Seeing Sebastian's corpse so many times... is just too much for me...

I'm a human being, Sebastian!

I'm arrogant, but not so much that I'd irresponsibly save someone just to brag about it.

*to Sebastian* I don't need your "fawning". It's disgusting.

*to Prince Sohma* Who's my best friend? Don't say such ridiculous things.

It's in bad taste to play games that make me feel like throwing up, Demon!

Enough already! I'm going to feel queer if I continue to live like this!

Father, Mother, God, please... Why? Why is there no one? No one comes to our rescue.

*to Sebastian* You shall never betray me. You shall never leave my side. No matter what!

I'm afraid today's game was quite uninteresting.

To smile happily, I've... forgotten.

*to Sebastian* You idiot!! Do you think I'd dance with a big, male partner like you?!

It's not like I became her fiancée. I was forced to do it.

Yes, "kids" have a great greed for games.

If you are crying, fight against it! If you're regretting, walk forward! Only complaining on your misfortune, you're nothing but a common pig!

Make it hurt. Carve the pain of my life into my soul.

I thought that even if you died, somehow you would protect me.

*Ciel to Prince Sohma* There are some things you can never get back, no matter how much effort you put in. And there are some feelings of despair, that you can never ever shake off.

No, I won't abandon hate. If I did, then nothing would be left of me.

It's coming out~~~ *during the corset scene*

You aren't wrong. You fought to protect your world. What's wrong with that? In the end, "justice" is just an official line taken by those in power to serve their own ends. No one's looking out for others. If you're careless, you'll be robbed. There are only two kinds of people in this world. Those who steal, and those who are stolen from. And today, I steal your futures. That's all this is.

When something is gone, it will never return.

Kneel like a worm and beg the demon to do it.

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Also wir haben in unserem Buch so ein Bild.

Das ist so in der Art wie eine Mindmap. In der Mitte ferre und es ist dann von den anderen Wörtern umgeben. Mit der Bedeutung und und kleinen Bildern. Kannst du dir ja auch anlegen.

Aber im grundlegenden ist es ja relativ einfach. es ist öfter so in Latein das die  Anfangssilben dann das Wort nur ein wenig verändern.

z.B. pellere: Ex-pellere, re-pellere, usw.

Aber wie es für dich am besten ist, hängt ab. Alles kommt mit der Zeit. Du wirst auch schon die beste Art für dich zum lernen finden. Was ich ganz gerne mache sind kleine Eselsbrücken. (ähnliche Wörter auf deutsch, englisch, etc. oder bestimmte spiele, serien, usw.)

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Bounce Like A Lowrider (Ft. Budd Man) 

Ich weiß nicht ob es das ist. Ist das einzige was ich kenne wo lowrider vorkommt

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Why when do our darkest deeds do we tell?
They burn in our brains, become a living hell
'Cause everybody tells
Everybody tells
Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save
Better lock it in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave
If I show you then I know you won't tell what I said
'Cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead
- Secret by the pierces
he was a kind hearted man in a hateful world
who caught every thing that life ever hurled
like the oldest mountain he always stood so tall
forever showing what it means to be unbreakable 
paycheck to paycheck, 
3 jobs a day, 
he's the ransom for his family's pain
in the coldest world with the warmest heart, 
he puts to shame what you consider hard 
he's the man you don't see in the mirror
while the world was screaming death, 
he chose a different song to hear
he's the band thats playing while the ship sinks
the song of hope, he forever sings 
he taught the sun to shine 
now please teach this "son" to shine 
how can this world never break 
your warm heart in this frigid fucking place?
you're like the river: 
always flowing and growing, 
never changing; rearranging 
how can this world always never take 
your solid stance in these turbulent time?
you're like the tree in the burning forest 
that never was burned down 
and what he said to me was this
"Just love the world that won't love you back" 
old man look at my life 
i'm nothing like you are
take a look at my life 
i'm so very fucking far
from the person i aspire to be
-Unbreakable by have heart
За мечтою на край пропасти -           (Translation: After a dream to the edge of a chasm
Лишь только так можно мир спасти.  Only that way can the world be saved
Ты не плачь,                                      Don't you cry                            
Слёзы спрячь,                                    Hide your tears
Ведь настанет новый день,                Because a new day will start
Твой огонь                                         Your fire
Согреватьn                                         will be heated
Будет тысячи сердец.                         By thousands of hearts
А сейчас поднимись,                          But now get up
Спрячь поглубже боль и страх.          Hide the pain and fear far
Победит тот, кто прав                        The one who's right will win
Знай, что всё в твоих руках.              Know that everything is in your hands)
- rise by origa
Why am I terrified of everything I used to love
Save me from myself I don't want to hate who I've become
Tell me that tomorrow when I wake up I'll be fine
I just want to be myself again
I want to know that I'm alive
- Sleepless Night by MemphisMayFire
To you
I'm all I've left undone
I'm all I haven't won
Lift me up my soul's so hollow
Lift me up
You take
The breath you didn't make
What's left you did forsake
Lift me up my soul's so hollow
Lift me up my soul's so hollow
You can make me scream internally
You can make me breathe eternally
You see
The things I cannot change
The things that make me plain
Lift me up my soul's so hollow
Lift me up
-Hollow by Submersed
So shed every breath you take, you're dying 
With every step we take we're falling apart 
We only had one chance 
We pray 
Let's take this chance right now, lets go 
You only live one life 
For the rest of time 
So make every second divine 
- Yolo by Suicide Silence
What do I do to ignore them behind me?
Do I follow my instincts blindly?
Do I hide my pride from these bad dreams
And give in to sad thoughts that are maddening?
Do I sit here and try to stand it?
Or do I try to catch them red-handed?
Do I trust some and get fooled by phoniness
Or do I trust nobody and live in loneliness?
- By Myself by Linkin Park
She has me like a pisces when I am weak
I've been locked inside your Heart-Shaped box for weeks
I've been drawn into your magnet tar pit trap
I wish I could Eat your cancer when you turn black
-Heart-shaped Box by Nirvana
I loved you, you made me
Hate me. You gave me hate, see?
It saved me and these tears are deadly.
You feel that? I rip back
Every time you tried to steal that.
You feel bad? You feel sad?
"I'm sorry"? Hell no, fxck that!
It was my heart, it was my life
It was my start, it was your knife.
This strife, it dies
This life and these lies.
And these lungs, have sung
This song, for too long,
And it's true, I hurt too
Remember? I loved you.
-Black Dahlia by Hollywood Undead
Colour me in kindness,
Cover me with love.
I am blessed.
You're burying your father,
You're burying your son.
You are dead.
I know nothing of real pain,
I'm a child and I am spoiled.
I hate myself for my complaints,
I'm pathetic and I'm bored.
I cry simply at the thought.
I crumble at the sight.
If I ever had to feel, I
I would fall to my knees
and pray for God to save me.
I have never been in love,
I pretend to care.
Convince myself that it's enough,
I was never there.
I am hiding in the dust,
Sweep me underneath the chair.
I have never been in love.
I keep on giving,
I keep on giving up.
- Spoiled by Basement (Just the whole colourmeinkindness album is great when it comes to lyrics)

I hear him speaking to me. For the first time he cleared my head... that’s when he said,
"Only cowards keep dormant their sleeping strength, and soon you’ll find,
only the fearless will reach their potential’s peak.
Tell me, if death is victory how afraid of life can we be?
If death is victory how afraid of life can we be?"
- "Breathing Blood"- oh sleeper

"Who's dreams are you killing?
Who's pockets are you filling?
Are you where you said 
You would be in the end?"
- "The Color Theft" - Oh sleeper

"Reclaiming thrones, our generations' pride,
Sits a conformist ploy to strip what burns inside.
Our bodies yern to live life endlessly
So now we rise, we rise in mutany."
- "The New Breed" - Oh Sleeper

So watch my chest heave as this last breath leaves me

I am trying to be what you're dying to see

I feel like "Fck man, can't take this, anymore,

this heart, break this"

This is life that's so thankless

How could he just forsake us?

Racist he makes us

Hate us he gave us

Nothing but no trust and I am so fucked up

So let this gun bond us

Let's hide by this lust

And once we are just dust, he'll know that he loved us

Let it all burn, I will burn first

God I've tried, am I lost in your eyes?

Just let me burn, it's what I deserve

God I've lied, am I lost in your eyes?

Paradise Lost - Hollywood Undead

Naysayer, hammer the nail

We're all on our own, we can't decide what's true

Betrayer, hammer the nail

Such narrow lines separate me and you

So sick of the sound of people giving up

You can't stop me giving a fxck

Fxck it, I'm a dreamer and I'm dreaming on

Naysayer - Architects

Ich kann noch 30 weitere auflisten ich hoere viel musik und gern :D 

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Um.. Kennst du schon Terror in Tokyo? (Auch Zankyou no Terror oder Terror in Resonance genannt) Wenn nicht dann solltest du es dringend nachholen der ist sehenswert. 

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