Wie heißt der Song Dun Dun?

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Check It Out - will.i.am ft. Nicki Minaj

Da done done
The sun done
Yep the sun done
Came up but we still up in dungeon
Da done done
Yep in London
Competition? Why yes, I would love some
How the f*ck they getting mad 'cause they run done
Mad 'cause I’m getting money in abundance
Man I can’t even count all of these hundreds
Duffle bag every time I go to suntrust
I leave the rest just to collect interest
I mean interest, f*ck my nemesis
Exclamation just for emphasis
And I don’t sympathize 'cause you a simple b*tch
I just pop up on these h*es on some pimple shit
And put an iron to your face you old wrinkled b*tch

Es gibt ein Lied von Nicki Minaj mit Will I Am, heißt ,,check it out,, wahrscheinlich meinst du das.

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