(Aufsatz English) An online friendship is no substitute for real friends. What is your opinion?

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For most people, real friends are one of the most important things in their life. You're in contact with your friends everyday. If you are in trouble they'll always try to help you. However in this century, a lot of children play online games and meet new people online. But are they really as good as real friends? 


When thinking about what a real friend represent, I come to the conclusion, that I'm 100% sure what looks like. I mostly know people from his family and where he lives. 


But if I meet somebody online, I usually don't know what he looks like and also if he's that guy and if he's who he pretends to be. You can find so many news, where kids meet a strangers online and they plan to meet outside somewhere. Because the strangers pretend to be also a kid, the other one gets kidnapped by the stranger. 


There are not only bad sides to online friendships. After my experience can I tell, there are a lot of good people online. I have a lot of online friends with whom I've been in contact with for years. We text almost every day! 


In my opinion there are a lot of good people online to be friends with. But there are also a lot of bad people. Online friends can replace real friends but they also can be dangerous. That's why the most important thing is your safety. Don't just give your address to strangers that you just met online and became friends. If you want to meet your online friend, make sure you know what he looks like and meet him in a public place at day time. 

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