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Hi, ich bin ne totale englisch niete :D würde mich freuen wenn jemand schnell mal drüberschaut weil ich ein doofes gefühl hab :)

schonmal danke im vorraus!

Yellowstone Nationalpark

I'm going to tell you something about the „Yellowstone Nationalpark“.

1.1 History The Yellowstone Nationalpark was discovered about 1807 by „John Colter“. Of the time Indians still lived in the area, these have more often gone hunting. After the American civil was the first successful expedition begun. On the 1st of March, 1872 the president signed the law and created with it the first national park of the world.

1.2 Geography With 8927 km ² is the Yellowstone Nationalpark one of the biggest Nationalparks in America. The park lies on the crater of the Yellowstone volcan. By the magma chamber in 8-km-deep are in the park much volcanic activities, like Geysire or hot springs, populare is the Geysire „Old Faithful“ because he spits regularly hot water. The park lies on a height of 2,400 metres.

1.3 Flora and Fauna The park is covered to 80% by forst, 15% by Meadow and 5% by water.

In the Nationalpark lives also a lot of different animals. In deeper areas live pumas and lynxes, in higher areas sheeps and goats. In the hinterland there are also wolves and grizzly bears. The attacks of bears on person is very rare, but the bisons are often underrated. There are in the park another 18 different fish kinds and 318 bird kinds and also gives rarer kinds like the sea eagle.

1.4 Nature Conservation On the 7th of May, 1894 a law was dismissed that safes the animals. It is not longer allowed to damage trees, animals or ohter things in the Park.Only the fishing without net is allowed. Today lifes more thant 500 animals in the Nationalpark. Another important point are the forest fires in the Yellowstone national park. Today the fires are not fought any more, because one to the view came the forest fires are absolutely normal in the nature, but they are still observed to prevent uncontrolled spreading out.

1.5 Tourismus More then 3 million tourists go every year in the park, there you can make many different things as for example walking, kayak driving or just in order to observe wild animals.

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