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I would like to give you some suggested improvements for jurassic world evolution.

- It isn't really realistic that a very big carnivore fights against a little one in battle with standoff (e.g. a t-rex vs. a dilophosaurus). Would be more authentic if big carnivores kill little carnivores like they kill other little dinosaurs like for example a struthiomimus.

- A dinosaur outbreak with lethal consequences takes too less negative effects on the park. After an lethal outbreak, the visitors should be more absent than they are now after such an incident. Dead people in the park really should result more in a heavy decline of visitors. The player therefore would take more care about preventing an outbreak and an happening outbreak would result more thrilling emotions at the player.

- The player should be able to enter viewing platforms and look in first-person perspective at the dinosaur enclosures (like it was possible in Jurassic Park Operation Genesis)

- The player should be able to configure an entrance fee at the park entrance. The entrance fee should then also take effect on the amount of incoming visitors like the park rating does.  

- The symbols about dinosaurs should be visible through trees. When the player want's to tranquillize a dinosaur walking between trees it's often hard to recognize where it is.

- It would be more authentic if there would be more kill animations when carnivores eat goats or visitors than just one. For example an eat-animation where carnivore and victim are in the run would be great (the visitor is eaten while running and not falling on the ground - same way with the goat).

- The player should be able to select each visitor and see in a statistic dialog some information about the visitor (e.g. hunger, thurst, fun). This would represent the visitors more as authentic individuals.

- As a future DLC it would be cool to add bird-cages and aquariums (e.g. for petaranodon or mosasaurus) to the game

- Bugreport: Sometimes the dinosaur animations "fidget". This happens often before a dinosaur is going to fight or hunt.


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